WIW - Eglinton Cottage, Eglinton Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14

This property seems to have been on the market for ages but no movement in asking price.
Looks nice but seems very expensive for 155m unless there is something I am missing!?


I would have a fairly good idea of the properties that have been on sale in this area and remember this one appearing online in the not too distant past.

My impression is that it is only on the market a number of months as opposed to years as per the OP - perhaps it was on with a different agent that I missed?

Sorry definitely not years but a good six months or so. Might try and view it and see if they are willing to accept a low-ish offer like 600 / 650. Worth a shot!

According to property bee this went on sale on 22 June which is when I recollect this appearing also.

While I certainly think any offer is worth consideration for the vendors these days and wish you the best of luck with it, I think a degree of patience and insight into how long a property is on the market is required. This one is only on the market for just over 2 months so to say “on the market for ages” is a bit off the market when there are plenty of properties on the market for 3+ years which are well overdue a drop at this stage.

you are right re when it went up for sale. Has been up since June. According to estate agent they are not entertaining any offer that doesn’t begin with a 7!

Offer €70,000 !

79,999? :angry:

ha! to be honest I get the impression 700,001 isn’t going to get it done…which is WAY over what I think it’s worth (or can afford!)

Isn’t this the core problem? - buyers not anywhere close to current asking price, particularly at this level of Market, yet it is buyers NOT vendors who will determine prices!

Vendors seem to be sporadically becoming more realistic but still in ’ Celtic Tiger’ mode for the most part.
It MUST come to pass that the necessary adjustment WILL happen, frankly, I thought it would have happened by now but delusion seems alive and well, particularly in SCD and NAMA and sounds from government only delay the inevitable further!

Outrageous asking price
bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=swfj8z … orm=LMLTCC

No back garden. At all. Doesn’t look like a 155 sq. m house to me, all the rooms look small and poky.

Divide that asking price by 2 to be more realistic

Then they won’t be selling it.

It’s a little tricky to value due to its unusual nature, but an ambitious asking price for this would be 500k. If this fails to entice serious viewers & bidders, they may need to think about dropping down towards 400k pretty quickly.

eh 790k?? In Dundrum?? Talk about delusional…

When this (myhome.ie/223535) is asking 795k in Rathgar (& not selling) then these sellers really need to get real.

For a 3-bed in Dundrum??


Now 695k

15 months on and they finally dropped the price on this. Last time round when I was still in the market for a house the EA was quoting that they wouldn’t take anything under 700+. No doubt they’re now saying they’d only consider offers 600+. Either way it’s still delusional.
When I viewed this back in 2011 it was a TINY 3 bed in Dundrum so unless they’ve built another house on the side of it or picked it up and moved it away from the doorstep of Dundrum SC then it still makes absolutely no sense.

I’m guessing it’s another one of those cases that they need to be seen to ‘try’ and sell it with no actual desire/hope of doing so.

offers must begin with a 7?, I agree some sellers are so far away from reality, ok its been painted, nicely presented, but in fact their is no bathroom or even loo for the 2 bedrooms, who have to come downstairs. I blaim the estate agents they value these houses and build them up for the seller, dont forget they get a fine fat fee and its in their interests to over value a property, then come down with the price in a few months, so people then think their getting good value. Its the Estate Agents or as they call themself negotiators!!!, they nogotiate the asking price up and up and up in most of these cases and remember as far as I know they are not rugulated in Ireland. The EA are creating the increase price of property this year and its wrong on the seller never mind the buyer.

now been advertised as a 4 bed…but for the life of me, I cant see where that 4th bedroom is
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1474835

family room/bedroom downstairs.

Sold for 635

propertypriceregister.ie/Web … enDocument