WIW- Ennis Grove, Irishtown

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1991488

Interestingly, number 12 which was up for ages was taken down and now number 11 is up.
Any guesses for what it’s worth? I don’t think 295k given the condition it’s in. I don’t think it should claim to be a four bed given that the downstairs parlour is masquerading as a bedroom and they are pretending again to be in Sandymount when An Post clearly stated this is Irishtown.

I’m never sure of the meaning of “WHAT IT’S WORTH” - most on this website would say half the price. Its small (too small for 4bed) and unattractive. But if one means “what do you think it will go for” then I’d say probably around that price ,mainly because everything nearby is the same ,or often more per sq ft than this place. And 200 metres south on the other side of Londonbridge Rd in real Sandymount this would get at least 350k.
Although most people regard apts as a bad investment I’d prefer a spacious two-bedroom with views around Grand Canal-500 metres closer into town - for the same price.

Ok I’ll rephrase…
What is the lowest possible offer that could secure said property!! I know one close by asking 345 went for 260, a % drop that would put this at 222k… I personally think it’d be good value around the 200 mark, I know these type of houses are 10 a penny all over Dublin and much cheaper in most areas, but there is unfortunately a large premium for the location.

It needs at minimum: new heating, most likely rewiring & plumbing and insulation, possibly a new roof on the flat roof extension if I am looking at the right house on google maps, all floors and walls, new kitchen and new bathroom. Pretty much everything. :frowning: How much would this cost


Sala - I think you’re right. It could cost up to 50.000 making it warm,safe, and generally up-to-date (and that’s without any hidden horror, such as subsidence, replace sewerage drains,dry rot etc).
That’s why ,if I was younger and wanted to live in that area, i’d probably go for a large apt in a somewhat better and closer-to-town location.
Personally -and I’m regarded as bullish in my pricing - I wouldn’t pay more than 220-240 depending on survey.
But I still reckon there’ll be others willing to pay near asking price.

Thanks for the advice, however me and my Irish mentality want a house with a garden!

So I saw it…
It needs a LOT of work. The layout is very odd, with no upstairs bathroom and one bedroom downstairs. The back garden is very poor but it could make a lovely house if it weren’t for the Stella Gardens flats that are practically at the back wall looking into your garden.