WiW ex CofI church Jenkinstown Kilkenny

From todays Examiner. I like the whimsical way the piece is written but the size is quite small and the 2 bedrooms to come is a bit scarily small. I would imagine the rebuild costs would be quite large

irishexaminer.com/property/t … 40842.html

Sq m: 90 (969 sq ft)
Bedrooms: 2 (to come)
Bathrooms: 2
BER rating: Exempt

Plans to be re-born have been drawn up for this beautiful Co Kilkenny stone church but, the lack of finance means the stone mason who bought it with a grand design in mind won’t be acting on them.

A better hereafter was dreamt of by mason, and TV’s Grand Designs aficionado Mark Stewart when he bought this moody 1796 structure, Odagh Church, built as a Church of Ireland Board of First Fruits church with three-storey bell-tower. It held its last service in 1957, and the roof was removed in 1980.

Now, full planning is secured (Feb 2012) for a renovation and conversion to two-bed (but it could accommodate four), part-three storey dwelling, with open plan living area, with design by Extend Architects in Dublin, who’ve got a YouTube video online of how it could look once completed.

It’s for sale via Kilkenny agent Clodagh Daly, guiding €99,000.

On a half acre off the N77, it’s built on bedrock and has sound foundations (sounds biblical?), adjoins a small cemetery, and has a number of neo-Gothic details — ‘good bones’, quips the proud owner.

Looks very impressive BG but also very expensive

I have a friend who did a church conversion and made a lovely job of it. Complete labour of love, though and difficult to heat in the winter (read expensive!). He partly solved it by putting an old school cast iron boiler in as the stove - it belts out the heat, but you can’t sit within a mile of it :smiley:

The living space that you end up with is fabulous, but can be very impractical with rooms in odd places.


Will inevitably run into an taisce heritage nightmares because an taisce are accountable to nobody, ever.

It would be a nice punt in a sensible country, unless you nail an taisce down in writing and in advance, and they will make sure one of their heritage architects does the plans, it will be a complete sink.

God that’s depressing 2Pack and your probably right but what happens do you leave the building fall to bits ??

So far, An Taisce have shown little interest in protestant churches, a famine cottage, now that’d be a different thing…