WIW Fairview / Marino

Two asking 265k in Dublin 3

4 Addison Road, Fairview: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1375709

Priced much lower than others in the area but little outdoor space to speak of. No floor plan and house looks a very funny shape on satellite view. How many msq would you say this is? Really easy access to Fairview Park (traffic noise?). No parking.

102 Brian Road, Marino: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1423158

Has already been discussed on here. Consensus seems to be that Marino houses are heading sub-200k, esp. estate sales/mid-terrace fixer-uppers. But for an end-of-terrace with parking in turnkey condition (potential asbestos notwithstanding), how much of a premium would you expect?

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Gallagher Quigley don’t do floor space measurements. I remember the EA telling me that at a viewing last year. The kitchen looks to be extended in a weird shape in Addison Road. I prefer the Brian Road house personally. Are there any offers at the moment?

Proper piss artist living in that place by the looks of it.

€265k - are you off your head? Thats Ballybough/East wall.

If you have kids or will ever have them, its not the place for you.

People on here have a real hard-on for Marino and I honestly have no idea why…

That said, these are good quality houses (and the area is full of quality people :wink: )

Close to town and the haon, dó, trí (get used to the local lingo, for that is what its called) but can be rough enough and theres a crime ‘overspill’ from ballybough. Good football matches in the summer between the Top Circle, the Bottom Circle, Annadale, Griffith Court and the D-Walls mobs, though.
If you’re 11.
You need to know how to throw a punch and when to take one.
You also need to know the difference between the local heads (take them on, you’ll earn respect) and the real heads (they have guns, skeens and needles - walk, nay run, away).

This is wisdom.

BTW - Griffith Avenue runs through Marino.
Any local asks you, just say ‘Its a long owl road’ and you’ll get by fine.
Anyone talks shite say, ‘Ger ourra da garden’ and you’ll be understood too.

Nice post Needle. I’m renting in Fairview. Addison Rd is awful, terrible traffic and depressing. Brian Rd is grand. Hell of a lot of properties for sale on that road recently, serious price drop zone - Marino

I actually kind of like the weird shape of the kitchen but I can’t figure out what it means for the rest of the house and it clearly means a uselessly shaped decked area out the back.They seem to have estimated the msq on the Brian Road one… The old post about it had mentioned an offer of 247k, which obviously either didn’t exist or didn’t work out. They’ve only dropped by 10k on the re-listing, still has a way to go yet imo.

TBH neither house looks like anyone actually lives in them…

I’d have thought Ballybough stopped at the Tolka? You’re probably right re: kids tho. No picture of the bathroom either; begs questions.

If you think 265k is bad, there’s a “3 bed” in 2 units for sale at 400k at number 21: daft.ie/searchrental.daft?id=1107434 (What’s up with the weird looking beam in the kitchen?)

Have a look at Google maps - the satellite seems to have caught one in action at Marino Park :slight_smile:

All the more reason why you’d want to be having an actual garden :wink:

Thanks for the views on Addison Road. It’s a period house but looks a bit like bedsit land. Looks like a cul de sac so wouldn’t have thought traffic that bad. I’d have been more worried about being so close to the junction with Annesly Bridge Road.

Did a bit of research and looks like 3-beds in Marino were going for 180-200IEP in 2000 at the start of the bubble. If you factored in general inflation, that’d be about 310-340 in today’s money. You’d probably need yr time machine to go back a bit further to find realistic value.

102, 104 and 106 Brian Road all for sale at the moment - 3 in a row.

My question still stands as to how much of a premium on “average” should parking*/south-southwest backgarden/off-street parking/turnkey condition is worth in this area. 104 and 106 are in need of work (no central heating) and I don’t even know what “We understand the property is held freehold” is supposed to mean!?

  • How much of an issue is off-street parking in this area? I’m thinking it’d help deter random car vandalism/general messers.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … pertyAlert

Another one came up today. AT 365k it is massively overpriced. There appears to be almost 200k in the difference of asking prices in Marino, from 200k to almost 400k.

I’d be concerned that 102, 104 and 106 are for sale at the same time… is there something going on like bad neighbours etc

Oh god no, the area would be full of elderly people so there all just executor sales. At the peak of my property search in the area I used to check out the local parish newsletter to get an idea of where the next gaffs on the market would be - that does sound horribly morbid, doesn’t it?

Respect Tracy-talk about lateral thinking! That sounds like a dead sound method of sourcing properties.

I drove past the other night and it seemed like a quiet (almost dead) road. Smaller than Gallagher Quigley’s wide angle lens would have you think tho :smiley:

Croydon Green seems a bit better that the three-in-a-row on Brian Road (downstairs bathroom, massive south-southwest facing garden). But not 100k better! Ah, SherryFitz. Nice view out to the green from the front room.

Realistically how much (both in terms of time and money) would you be taking about to get one of those executor sales on Brian Road up to the standard of 37 Croydon Green? (flooring, rewiring, plumbing, roof, central heating. downstairs wc, etc).

Yes, that’s incredibly morbid!!!

102 doesn’t look like an executor sale… it looks like it has just been completely done up recently.
I think an end of terrace with room to extend in Marino would be a great buy. All the ones already extended and modernised are asking huge money :cry:

Does anyone know is there much of a difference between the different roads - are some quieter than others, nicer etc in Marino?


Now this is interesting, when I first started my property hunt all the houses in this estate where in the 400 grand bracket. This has just gone up this week at €285. Number 87 is on at €345, and has dropped from it’s original asking price of €430. Now this estate would have many advantages over the older houses in Marino - no asbestos, bigger floor space, parking, cheaper refurb - so what will this do to prices in the area?

No 87 seems to be an executor sale
propertyselector.com/propdet … expid=1288

They are nice houses but are not supposed to be the best for insulation etc., would be interested to see what BER it has. The estate backs on to the School for the Blind lands. If I remember correctly they have a planning application to build muti storey duplexes/houses that would overlook the end of the estate. Not sure what stage this is at.Seems to have taken a 50k drop compared to what they were asking at the start of the Summer this year.

Seems to have been approved-see attached

359 apartments in 14 blocks of up to 8 storeys high


20 Brian Road has gone sale agreed at 249k. Wonder how much it actually went for…
This was one I liked and was following carefully… :cry: If I was ready to buy I seriously would have considered that one.

how bout this one then


No. Would avoid this one unless you are thinking of a starter home to move out of in a few years or you intend to stay single for the rest of your life. This is a narrow lane that is a shortcut from the pub on the corner (Kavanagh’s) to the Howth Road and Lower Clontarf. No parking and the house looks quite narrow so I would imagine it is quite Lego sized inside. For that amount of money you could do far better in Marino.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1738079

Interesting… No 87 popped into my email account only yesterday. I presume it was sale agreed and then readvertised, otherwise I wouldn’t have get an alert . It’s asking 295k - thats a 135k drop within a matter of months. I am liking the direction things are moving :smiley: