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Opinions welcome:

Daneswell Road
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/1597156

Botanic Avenue
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-9/124760

Daneswell Road
Nice, small for a 3-bed imo, needs a good bit of work, I’d like to see these places at about 220k-240k

Botanic Avenue:
Bit bigger, nice inside, wouldn’t like to live on that road, it’s busy as all get out and no parking.
Big front garden does not compensate for small back one. Again 240k max.

Just saw this:
House Alone €370,000
Site Alone €100,000
House & Site combined €470,000

Odd? They gonna sell your garden to somebody for a 100k…

These are on adjacent roads. Daneswell Road would be a better buy - more ‘regular’ house than the Botanic Avenue one which is complicated by the house/site for sale situation. Botanic Ave. has been for sale for ages. No garden by the looks of it. Can’t see how big the Daneswell Road garden is, but it’ll be east facing. Drive-in is a plus as Daneswell Road is narrowish with on street parking for the houses on the opposite side of the road to this one - you have to pull in to let oncoming traffic through. Area is fine. Handy for Phibsborough and Drumcondra. Bank, Off-licence, pharmacy and hairdresser within a few minutes’ walk. No idea how much they’d accept for either.

These are standard issue houses in fairly decent areas, nothing wrong with them but nothing special either.

Nice house but needs a lot of work.
I’d guess from the age and interior that some structural work might be needed.
Certainly wiring and plumbing would need to be checked.
As it is, its worth €200-220k.
In top notch condition €280-300k.

Awful inside.
Typical uber-tiger decor - trying to make a 3 bed terrace look like a Hollywood mansion.
No wardrobes in the bedrooms either so unless youre planning on running a nudist commune you’ll have tiny rooms.
No off road parking either so you’d need to check the parking. Very busy road too.
Whats this shite about house for €370k and site for €100k? Tiger bullshit.
This vendor is dreaming.
The house is worth €150-180k; personally though I wouldnt touch it even at those prices.

That’s the second house discussed this week where they intended to sell off the garden separately… is this a new thing?? (see the “sneaky” thread)

edit:just noticed that you would have to demolish your extension if they sold the site! How would that work, if you had alreday bought the house, do you not own the extension. F*** that, that would put me right off

Must be! Although this (200 Botanic Avenue) is no sneakier than the one mislabelled as such in the “sneaky” thread. In this case, they clearly state at the start of the ad

Now that’s an interesting question. What I take from this is that the house for sale is the 97 sq m piece (i.e. excluding extension). As I see the situation, you would not own the extension so it’s incorrect to say ‘*you *would have to demolish *your *extension’. It would belong to the site purchaser and would be their responsibility to demolish it.

I wouldn’t like this myself, but this kind of thing happens anytime someone living in a terrace or a semi-detached that has an adjoining garage or extension to the next pair of semis (I personally regard such houses as terraced as well) decides to knock and rebuild. And any prospective buyer of 200 Botanic Avenue is being made fully aware of the situation.

It all makes for a very good argument for buying only a detached house. Surrounded by a moat. On its own private island. In space.

:smiley: Did a quick search - there are no properties available with moats in Dublin. Even if there were, they’d probably sell off the moat separately :frowning:

I would love to see that house just out of curiosity to see what’s in the extension. I presume the extended kitchen will not be knocked as there are photos of it. I wonder if the extension is already blocked up or if there is a door into it still.

To be honest it looks like a great house if you bought both garden and house you could keep or redo the extension and have a massive house… but at 100k for the garden it’s just too much… :frowning:


Another one…
“Also included in this property is the opportunity to acquire a site with f.p.p. for a detached modern house of 1,385 sq. mts. The site is available for €89,000 this may be purchased separately or with adjoining house.” Looks like this one the site is the garage…

The extension is a mostly finished dining room, essentially. Bare bones. Quite a large room, it is not disconnected in any way from the main building. A flimsy regular door is all that divides the house from this extension.

No one remotely sane would buy this house alone. You could wake up one day and there would be people pottering around what is essentially one of your rooms, discussing when to start demolishing it. Quite why the extension hasn’t been finished and the house sold as a larger than average 3 bed in a desirable area I have no idea, it defies logic.

The house actually has a back garden, not very big but it is there nonetheless. There is also parking to the rear, IIRC.

Here’s another house & site pairing for you:


€3.25m for the lot, all in.

Yeah that is true at least these had the decency to write in the ad that they were selling the site… unnlike the ad in the “sneaky” thread where they let you find out for yourself by doing a bit of digging!!