WIW - Glenwood House, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow


So folks, what do we think the above is worth?

25 acres of land - period house (or sorts).

Bump for the evening crew.

It appears to be a nice house but very isolated, hardly commuting distance.

Now that’s what I call a house.

The 32 acres of land is worth between €200k and €320k itself.

So all in all, good value for a country house near Dublin, IMO. I think it’s worth the asking price. That lifestyle can’t be beaten. If only it was in a hillside location between Kilternan and Shankill about twelve miles from Dublin… :laughing:

Rathdrum is not a great town, a bit depressed, kinda stuck in 1986, but it is on a train line to Dublin with a reasonable service to Dublin, including a morning train.

Might be bought by a Merck executive working in MSD’s massive place in Rathdrum.

I understand this is now Sale Agreed.