WIW Gorse Hill, Vico Road, Dublin

9,000 sq ft house on c. 1.25 acres
with outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, indoor gym & sauna. Sea views.

Some issues with former tennants and parked cars (tell me about it) but these will be resolved very soon.

I bid an obscenity(is this collective noun in use yet?) of freemen and a debarment.

Its value has been diminished by its history and association with unpleasant people.

There’s a good bit of land there to play football, you could set up a nice league very easily.

Ba-doom tish!!!
Also, @Homeboy, if I had the money to purchase Gorse Hill, say, if I won the Euromillions, or perhaps started a business empire tomorrow - It would of course, need to be financed to the hilt in order to spring fully formed into existence, like some financial Athena, and such an endeavour can be risky, but I digress - I would actually find this even more tempting given its history. It would be hard not to chuckle each and every time you came home and went through those gates, no longer blockaded by the righteous fools of the righty left socialist libertarian gobshites currently in residence there.

I would slap a fat cheque on the table, you can’t buy that sort of satisfaction. Or, more accurately, you can, you just have to then actually pay for it with money. As opposed to horseshit.

I call upon my fellow Pin Millionaires to invoke the true Spirit of Parnell and the Land League and BOYCOTT any future sale. Bono will do a charity concert for the beleaguered family I’m sure I dread to think this will end up on Allsops Oh the Irony

I’m sorry, I’m going to have to boycott your boycott. I refuse to not buy this in the event of me being able to buy it, which I’m not, but I wouldn’t anyways. I completely would. So there. Is that clear? I think the only person who can follow me is Brian O’Donnell, he’s a sharp guy, I might get him in on this land deal.

Two heavy pigs and four light ones…

They all have names already too…

Watching news tonight I saw the man delivering the summons covered his face with hat and scarf. That image for me sums up exactly what is wrong with this country.
Meanwhile the crooks son struts around the courts with a Devine sense of entitlement

From what I have seen of it it seems to be quite ugly…if I’m spending that kind of moolah it’s gotta be something special

" Tis the Bulls Field" ok its the most expensive acre of ground in Ireland but you get my drift

I don’t know - I have never seen the interiors, but I find the exterior to be tasteful for a 90’s job. The only other houses on the market in this price bracket are Sorrento House (€12.5m) and the newly listed High Cross, Temple Road (€7.5m). Sorrento House is very different by virtue of the fact that it is spread out over more floors (four versus two) and while it has more land, it is all very hilly and there is no pool or tennis court, and probably no prospect of having either. Gorse Hill is also more private.

Personally I’d take Gorse Hill over Sorrento House as long as the price difference made sense. I think it is a really fantastic property and probably the last ever house of this scale to be built on Vico Road as planners have really cracked down on any development because of landslides and the likes. I’m not going to run the figures, but it is probably the largest home on the road also.

The only reason I’m supporting the O’Donnell’s eviction is that we’ll hopefully get to see some interior listing photos in the near future. :blush:

That’s evil.

Alternatively you could join the land league :laughing:

You’ll find that I already proposed this in another thread, still awaiting an email from the Land League accepting my services. :laughing:

You may not get vacant possession but it is certainly in the possession of the vacant.

Prospective buyers would have gotten a good look around tonight if they watched Vincent Brown.

Was pretty funny to watch, he would have been in walking around the house only the patio door was locked.

There was a dog inside too. Is there an exclusion order against Mr Jack Russell? Cos if not the little fella can’t be turfed out of his home!

Looks like a bog standard house to me