WIW: Grove Village, D6W

The two 1-bed apartments did not sell, no bids. Same story with the commercial unit.

But the penthouse did actually sell for 400k, which is an absolute bargain if there were no issues. The problem is, there are serious issues. Good luck to the buyer, I hope the gamble pays off! What next for the two 1-bed apts and the commercial units?? Almost 10 years unoccupied now, which is pretty scandalous given their location and the shortage of housing in Dublin.





Lower the reserve to €150,000 (or lower) and someone will bite. Just not cheap enough for small 431sqft 1 beds without parking at €190-220k with prospect of serious issues.

I viewed with an architect 2 years ago

Architects view was avoid at all costs

Any particular reason why?
I know there were issues with management company, and issues re compliance with building regulations

Surprising that a builder/ developer didn’t buy the lot and rectify any issues

essentially the building was a fire hazard and had numerous issues

when we walked down the back stairs she said she had never seen a stairs that was built as badly - I have to admit I wouldn’t have picked up on it to the same extent she did - but when she said it - I understood - the slope on the steps is all wrong - too steep and weird slope etc

back then 2015 - DNG were looking for maybe 600k for the 1 beds, the commercials and the penthouse - and no one touched

the mgt company is not the issue - its the structural issues

The two 1 beds and commercial units are back in the next Alsop auction. Surely someone will bite now…




15k reduction to €175k guide price for the 1 beds, still may not be a big enough reduction to entice.

You were right. None of these sold at auction. I wonder if the buyer of the penthouse is getting cold feet?!?

Although this could be due to the celtic tiger insulation.