WIW Hale, Cheshire

Surprisingly tastefully decorated considering the owners profession.

gascoigneweb.aspasia.net/pls/gas … ?id=365639

Whose is it? Rooney? Looks like a Football Writers Award on the table. Roy Keane maybe?

independent.ie/national-news … 07478.html

Obviously not expecting to get a gig in the near future then.

The first wave of Manchester celeb footballers moved into Lyme -much nicer, older and more modest. A different generation of course and paid a pittance for their talent. Home to such genuine gentlemen such as Bobby Charlton not to be mentioned in same breath as current crop.

Yes, George Best, Denis Law etc… would never have gone in for that sort of opulence. Renowned for their modesty they were.

And what about legendary Stanley Matthews (Sir Stan) who played first division football to the age of FIFTY FOUR!!! and still never took home more than twenty five quid a week!

Roy Keanes gaff.

A stones throw from my own :wink:

He’s looking for 7.5m for it but other than being owned by Keane its not a standout property round here.
Dont get me wrong, its nice, but this is Cheshire so its not unusual.

Awful lot of houses like that round here… many of them empty.

He’ll get 3m to 5m for it depending on the market.
(Lot of ‘sold’ properties coming back onto the market due to lack of available finance.)

@Buffalo soldier.
Such ill-considered snideness not suitable.

My loathing for the latter-day Merchandise United is matched only by my admiration for men like Denis Law & Bobby Charlton both supremely talented, charming and decent men - grossly underpaid and undervalued by people like the Edwards family but who were indeed and remain extremely modest and intelligent men who are giants in very way compared to present pracitioners. There has never been anything gauche or unpleasant about them and certainly nothing overly extravagant about them other than the way in the way they played the game.

Best was flash because he was a troubled young man unable to cope with the pressures on him and was an unfolding tragedy from his early twenties. He’s gone. Let him be. He waited a long time for whatever rest he now has.

Edit: If I have misread you mate -then of course I apologise.

thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sp … llion.html

good photos 'ere

nice mirrors over the bed!!!

needle, you MUST be Dennis Irwin…I always thought you looked more like an accountant than a footballer.

See this is why some of these houses are overpriced.

Heres another sleb house purchase.
Kate Moss, 7.9 million in highgate, North London.

residentialsearch.savills.co.uk/ … 0/hi/gbp/1

How does Dublin compare, even now?
Badly I’d reckon.

Funny story about him.
Was at the local shops and saw a bloke.
He looked at me and I looked at him.
He nodded and I said ‘Hows it going?’
Next thing is we’re having a conversation - the weather and that.

Now I know I know him, but I cant think where from; back home? Did I work with him? Neighbour?
Cant fucking remember - so I keep talking like I know him - ‘how are you keeping these days?’, that sort of shite.
And hes chatting away good-o.

Only later the newsagent asked me did I know him - told him I wasnt sure and he told me he was Denis Irwin. (the guy, not the shopkeeper!)

Felt like a right arsehole, cause I dont give a toss about football.

Anyone vaguely intersted in locating in this part of he world -might look at Northwich and compare the disaparity in price an quality as against Dublin.

Needle may have a view on same.


Not too familiar Northwich but a quick search shows this 9 bedder for £1.5 million.

rightmove.co.uk/property-for … 89462.html

About 10 miles from Manchester, 2 miles from the M6 and ~5 miles from the M56 (for the ferry home!)

Whats 1.5 million buy in Ireland these days?

online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142 … 38196.html

not the thread maybe but guess how much they’re looking for this baby?

(it’s at the end of the slideshow)

Would you say Slasher that the price puts Our bubble prices (and fuck it even current prices) into perspective?? :open_mouth:

Certainly puts this one in perspective, originally asking TWICE that amount (and sold for half it):


if you assume the peacock is included, then our current trophy houses still have a way to go; :smiley:

OK it’s not ‘home counties’ or commutable to London but it’s not the arse end of England either

Knight Frank’s website is fantastic Property Porn if High End gaffs are your thing
search.knightfrank.com/property- … 0&curr=eur

it’s worth comparing