WiW - Heatherfield, Thormanby Rd, Howth (new builds)

Not immune to the practical (if not aesthetic) charms of the McMansion, I find this interesting price-wise.

Heatherfield, Thormanby Rd, Howth, North County Dublin
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2696088

Sites seem cramped, but at €362/sqft they make Heath House (@€499/sqft) look expensive:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2521131

OTOH, Heath House actually exists in corporeal rather than paper form.

Why are so many modern builds yellow\cream?

Heath House either is a McMansion or has been turned into one by an appreciative eye. In which case, and at that price differential, you’d be as well foregoing the pretence of “period appeal” and save yourself a wad.

Ghastly, is how I’d describe Thormanby. A box-solving puzzle played out on an AutoCAD workstation by a drone tasked with cramming as many onto site as the bang-per-buck ideology allows.

I can see all the gob-on features in my minds eye already - since you’ve seen enough of these not to be troubled by only having a drawing to refer to.

  • light marble floors in hall, kitchen, ensuites … maybe even (inappropriately) managing a reception room or two if a deal can be cut on the price.

  • styrofoam cornicing is a near-certainty.

  • oak architraves in abundance. They look like quality but are relatively cheap - no doubt ravaged from some or other unfortunate folk on the globe.

  • a classically proportioned marble fireplace. Probably kitted out with gas burner for convenience if not soul. Assuming the BER certification will allow it that is…

  • a barn-like kitchen to woo ‘the ladies’

  • ne’er an interesting alcove, line of sight, unusual creative feature in the whole place. Plain box shapes need only apply.

I actually wouldn’t live in one of these things for free…although you yourself did stress the non-aesthetic considerations you would be operating under.

Heath house sale agreed

Apparently for asking (1.6m). 8DD