WIW: Heatherfield, Waterfall, Cork.


one of these houses in on the market “privately”…no sign, not on daft or myhome hence I am using an old link to the developers website.

any opinions on WIW ?

fleminghomes.ie/previous_dev … ID_dev=115

I beleive it is guiding at €600k

If you are interested these were selling for €1.2 at the height of the bubble.

I am a regular visitor to relatives who live nearby so I can give you the heads up on the estate but not on WIW as I am not really familiar with prices in the southern capital (although from what I do know they seem expensive compared to Dublin).

This is a very nice place to live IMO. A very nice tight community in a rural environment but near to the city. The local school (Balinora NS) has a very good rep. This estate is full of hospital consultants according to my relatives and the build quality is good although there are problems with the sewerage treatment system which is a group scheme but not maintained by the council but must be paid for via a management fee. The road out to Waterfall is also busy and poor and there can be long queues to get onto the south ring from there in the morning. If I moved back to Cork I would love to live out there, but I would buy a house on its own grounds closeby rather than one in an estate.

I don’t get why you would want to live in the countryside… not have a bigger garden.
I’m sure it makes sense to some… but it just doesn’t to me.

N I know the area well… it’s a lovely area… n lovely house, just why have a house that holds 5-6 people… n a garden that holds prob less… ?

As for WIW (since that is the reason you posted… I would say €400k-€450k … based purely on what I know of a house that was sold around the Castlewhite area recently.

to be honest, I originally started looking in Bishopstown but it is very hard to find a decent detached house there with a green area out front. Plus, I wouldn’t exactly call Heatherfield the countryside…its literally 3 mins to Bishopstown.

also, the gardens in Heatherfield are quite big IMO, more than I would need.

with young kids I prefer an estate rather than a house on its own in the countryside…this way they can play out the front with other kids and not get killed by a truck.

I would be prepared to pay €400k…my wife €450k…so guess we will need to watch and wait.

Scruffy… comments weren’t aimed at you specifically… more a general confusion on the appeal to these estates.

Just be careful that the kids don’t join Ballinora and end up winning nothing :slight_smile:
N give up on cycling to town… that hill is a bugger :slight_smile:

thats how I understood it and thanks for your comments.

just waiting for Dicostu’s opinion now…as a Corkman he enjoys the Cork WIW’s as opposed to the usual WIW’s from Dublin.

Indeed… in fact if memory serves me correctly he bought in the Bishopstown area a year or two ago.

N since you are looking to move into the area… beware of the ‘Gangs of Waterfall’

video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 8316534036

Hi lads,
My opinion is about as useful as a North Korean rocket, looks good on paper but likely to blow up in your face :laughing:

Anyway, houses look lovely, location has few issues for me and I stress for me. Positives are its out in the country lovely views it is essentially an estate with the social advantages that that offers.From what I know about Flemings and I know a bit the build quality was always very good
Potential negatives besides OSheas which is/was a fine pub (I havent been inside in a few years) there is nothing else out there, ok Ballinora Gaa is across the road Richmond AFC is about 2 miles out the road but when your kids are 15/16 and want to hang out around Dinos (and they will ) will you drive them in and out. ??Good schools and good secondary schools in Bishopstown but again a bit of a drive , not so much in distance but getting in from there at 8.30am ish in the rain to say Mount Mercy or Colaiste Spriod Naomh would not be a pleasant experience. It is also about the snow line, I am not joking, I had to go out that road few few times during the harsh winters a few years back, and it was impassable. THis is not to say that we will ever see winters like that again, but when I could move around the city I could not get out to here. (I dont have a 4 wheel drive though, de regeuor in Heatherfield I’d imagine :laughing: )
Re price have not got a clue other houses in the area see daftdrop.com/#!searchView?f= … alse&t=ALL

are not exactly jumping off the shelves. My gut would be currently € 400k/ €450k but if it isnt offloaded in the next 3 or 4 months I think it could go closer to the €400k. Only my thoughts, I see an increase in the sale agreed/sold around Wilton Bishopstown but it is at the 3/4 bed semi end of the market and most are between € 180k up to around the €270k ish bracket

thanks discostu.

I can get into Btown in 3 mins from Heatherfield so its not too bad a drive.

I agree with your comments regarding having to drive teh kids everywhere but suitable detached houses in Bishopstown are hard to come by…hence, I have expanded my serch area to waterfall.

I would be happy to pay 400k for this house…no more no less :smiley:

Dont get me wrong Scruffy its a lovely place and hopefully the flyover will help the traffic flow in the next 12 months all I would say to ANYONE done just think 5 years ahead think 10, btw the great grandparents were from The Mountain (the area in Ballinhassig just out the road, not the pub in Turners Cross ) so we have connections out that way still, oh on a complete aside I read somewhere that the old Railway line is to be turned into a cycle/walkway gong down as far as Bantry and back as far as the city, which would be a great amenity.
Either way good luck, do the maths and if/ when you buy here or elsewhere your buying a HOME. (AND if the scruffettes be they male or female play with Ballinora and are any good they could graduate to senior with Bishopstown, their no Nemo Rangers though, never forget I’m a Turners Cross boy :stuck_out_tongue: )

Scruffy if your still out there, this is in this mornings Examiner

5 bed 2 ensuite €600k

Big savings at upmarket Heatherfield

irishexaminer.com/property/b … 95947.html

Yeah, saw that this morning Discostu.

I’ll keep an eye on it but I know that there has been huge interest so not holding out for it.