WIW - Herbert Road - Bray

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/1977111

Now this looks like edging towards value as a family home with room to expand.

Thoughts from the pinsters?

I had a look at this property and am of the opinion that the pictures are better than the real thing! Very solid looking property with some nice features…external block work, doors, windows etc. Very central location. Entrance is a bit tight and the front garden is not as big as it looks in the photographs. Kitchen needs to be re designed. Price is not all that bad considering properties in the area.

I’m very surprised that either of you think this isn’t a bad price. I would think it should have another 125K to drop, but each to their won etc.

Still, whatever it goes for it’ll hardly be worse than this:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … low/219234

Purchased for a bargain 600K in 2010!!!

I suppose I should clarify. The price is getting there but is not there yet. I would expect that you could reduce the price by about 10% €70,000 or thereabouts. With the exception of some very keenly priced properties and in certain areas of SCD I am of the opinion that you can discount all properties by 10%. I have a tenancy to automatically discount before I even look at the blurb or picture.

Seems well pricey to me

  • should I take the sq footage to include the 200 or so sq ft conservatory? If so then it’s quite a small house for the money. The two living rooms look quite small as does the dining room as does the only bedroom shown (presumably the master bed)

  • externally, it’s an architectural plain Jane if laying aside the initial detached period impact. Whereas I’d want a bit of interest for that money. The rear is a dull as ditchwater

  • “room to expand” (i.e. money to expand) after spending all that money wouldn’t strike me as a positive point. I wouldn’t want to need to expand after spending 700k on a 2000 sq ft house in Bray.

  • I’d hazard an educated guess that infrastructural changes are required in the area of heating system, wall insulation and double glazing. It needs serious work in the kitchen and in truth, is probably going to require the decor done unless you fall in love with their taste. I mean, if those walls are uninsulated and all those windows are single glazed, it’d be a horror to live in.

So. Let’s say you need to add another 100k to bring it up to your requirements - but without extending it any further

Compare 4 Galtrim myhome.ie/residential/brochure/4-galtrim-road-bray-co-wicklow/2104396which went sale agreed recently at 370k: a 2000 sq ft house in an equally nice part of Bray but needing work. It’s a solid enough house so 200k would turn it into a tip-top home with larger rooms and nicer architecture all round. But without the detachedness or better aspect of St Paul’s.

570k vs. 800k

How does that strike you?

I don’t think you can seriously compare the plots for both houses. Let’s be clear - 695k puts me in 800k dublin territory.

This house should start with a 5 but is it s bigish house, on a big plot, in move in condition (needing remedial works over time).

(takes quick look at Cheeky’s post count to see if it’s 2 :smiley: )

Note that I’m taking a fatalistic approach. I’m supposing:

  • there’s no wall insulation and that those sashes will be of the ‘A River Runs Through It’ variety. I’d also be supposing rudimentary insulation in the attic. Not so in move in condition - since these aren’t the kind of remedial works you’d carry out over time.

  • that those old style radiators are attached to equally old style gun barrel piping which terminate in an belching, farting oil burner. Now is the time to sort those.

  • that the wiring and fuse board need attention. No time like the present on these either.

Of course, my view makes like Icarus if it truly is in move in condition.

I put a 200k price tag on Galtrim’s work and 100k on St Paul’s but in fairness, you’d be doing more or less the same work to both of them (it’s just that Galtrim starts as a tatty renovation rather than an aesthetically pleasing one): the above items + kitchen + decor - with Galtrim known to be in need of some roof work. In that light, the renovation budget differential should probably be more like 50k than 100k.

That, and the likely 200 sq ft subtraction (since plakky conservatories don’t add value imo) give me the conclusion I arrive at: a site advantage isn’t an advantage to a (re-calculated) price difference of say 150k. Bear in mind, I’ve done a renovation of an old house whilst living in it and just don’t find myself dazzled by uninsulated, draugty habitation anymore. Next time, if there’s to be a next time, it’ll be sorted and sorted from the start.

I’d agree though, that if the figure started with a 5 with some room to trim down a bit then sure, there looks like some value to be had here.

I take it all back. Looking at the drive and garden no money has been spent on this house - that side of Herbert Road is also less trophyish…

I hang my 1500 odd posts in shame.

Reconsidering the maths, a mid-5’s price strikes me as still out of kilter given 4 Galtrim going, going… for 370k. Assuming all the work above need come to pass, how much more than Galtrim for the extra site size / more flexible aspect / detachedness?

100K extra? Tops?

Consider 2500 sq ft 5 bed Warburton going for 230K. Like Galtrim, it was a sound house needing the usual moderisation. Granted, it has a troubled location in trophy-land but still, 230k. Then there’s Brighton Terrace which needs a lot of work but could probably be had sub-200k. Then again, soundly built, attractive and well located Galtrim for 370K.

It puts Bray period residences needing modernisation into perspective. 695 begins to look truly bonkers.


just noticed the floor plans. You would indeed need to subtract 240 odd sq feet for the plastic conservatory making it an Audi A4 compact executive rather than A6 sized house. :smiley:

There’s not a decent sized living room to be easily had from it either, seeing as a fireplace divides the only potential breakthrough between living and dining room (which would see the dining room move to a more sensible location beside the kitchen).

My current house ‘extends to’ 1000 sq ft and it has a living room 6m x 4.3m (with a small hall cutting out a bit of it). The biggest living room in St. Pauls is 3.78 m x 3.5m - that’s about 60% the size of my mine. Eek!

you cant compare a detached house on the Herbert road with a terraced one on Galtrim. For starters, detached is always more expensive than terraced. St. Pauls is on a bigger site. It also has a driveway. While they are both period homes, that is the only comparison.

St. Paul’s also has an in-built alarm every Sunday morning.

I agree, also the car park beside and behind it would worry me.

We viewed this house. It really was beautiful and in turn-key condition. The rooms upstairs were very spacious and the downstairs was really comfy. Stunning house but just a bit too far from the town.

Come on, there must surely have been at least one offer on it?

Refreshed on myhome today, has this dropped in asking as OP doesn’t mention original asking?

Currently 695k


According to that link, price dropped -€30,000 from €725,000 to €695,000 on 19 Oct 2012, which was before the OP.

Dropped another little bit today to €650k. I’m calling a final figure of €500K before this shifts (adjusting up or down for whatever movement occurs in the market betwixt now and then)