WIW: Hillside cottage (aka Heathers lodge), Howth

I remember looking at this place when it was up for rent and it was up for a long time, the asking price was €4000 a month with Owen O’Relly. Calculating this using rent multiples brought it to 800,000 at best: 4000 * 10 months * 20 years.

irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 73571.html

Now it’s up for sale for 2.5 million.

I’m not asking coz I’m thinking of buying, I wish. But with a place like this can you really apply the normal laws of property economics, for some of us yes but surely there will always but somone out there with enough cash and desire to buy it.

Fixed that for ya

“Total stupid eejit”, I can think of a lot stronger language than that :slight_smile:

The so-called normal rules for investing on the basis of yield don’t apply here. Neither do they apply to luxury properties in L.A., Chicago, London or Milan. Those rules are based on comparisons to bonds. They work well for mass-market type properties.

For a start, purchasers of these properties are buying them to live in them, not to rent them out. They are hoping for tax-free capital gain over the lifetime of their ownership but that’s really a secondary or even tertiary consideration.

They are lifestyle purchases, nothing more, nothing less. Valuations are whatever premium a lifestyle-obsessed gobshite is prepared to pay for it.

567k no more no less

567k, that’s an interesting number, not 560, not 570 but 567, what about 678 :slight_smile:, care to tell us where you got that from?

Several redrafts eh! A draft for you, a draft for you and a draft for you councillor :angry:

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I think it’s a very interesting house, but it seems a bit sterile.
270 m2 floor space is almost 9300 euro per m2, though you do have 0.8 acre of garden.

I can’t see it selling in the current market for much more than 1.5 million, to be honest, and I really wonder how many people in Dublin have that much to spend on a house.

These rent formulas are getting more arbitrary every day. Why 2 months voids per year and why a 20 year payback? At €800,000 it’s a 6% yield. Much easier to talk in terms of yield.

It was just a quick calculation to give a rough idea nothing more, 1 month vacancy and another month for additional costs such as taxes & maintenance. 20 years to be on the generous side.

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I know! There’s been a good few of us. At the start TWG actually used to annoy me. Now I think there might be a day that he/she’ll actually be right! God forbid…