WIW in Churchtown

I’ll preface this by saying I don’t know the area at all, but I came across this earlier when I was looking at one from the price drop threads.


It’s in Churchtown, near Nutgrove shopping centre, seems to be in reasonable nick and it’s E200,000 for 1000sqft.
The google street view doesn’t look horrible.
There’s a garden front and back.
It’s considerably cheaper (25%) than anything else nearby.

Holylands? It might have matured a bit by now but it certainly had a bad reputation.

I think I walked by this recently and was sale agreed.

From the number 23 mountain view drive thread:

robdel wrote:
right - I feel bad about saying this but I might as well tell the truth, its the internet after all…

I wouldn’t buy this for 69k - I live round the corner, my bicycle was recently stolen from the back of my house. When I rang the local garda station, I was told it was most likely one of my neighbours from Mountain View. Now, if the cops are telling you the neighbours are dodgy - the neighbours are probably dodgy ! I also see a few of the locals had taken to hanging about drinking at the side of nutgrove shopping centre, I have been led to believe that during the summer this was all day every day.
Not somewhere I would set up camp in I must say. A small apartment in a good area will always be worth more than a 4 bedder in a tip, market crash or no.

let the abuse fly, this is just my opinion.

I lived in this estate 1990 - 1998 (not by my own choice, I was 10 in 1990). It was pretty dodgy at the time. I’ve rarely been back since but at the time it was awful - we had local kids throwing rocks at the house and putting bangers through the letterbox at halloween, we were once broken into, there were burned out cars on the road every month or so. Lot of knacker drinking, drugs, etc. At the time the locals reckoned it was quite calm compared to a few years previously because so many of the local troublemakers were in jail.

I have since lived within 500m of Sheriff St, Dolphin House, and O’Devaney Gardens so I’m no stranger to dodgy areas - I reckon Holylands was the worst personally.

It might be somewhat gentrified since but going by robdel’s comments this only goes so far - and think what might happen in an area like this in a recession.

Quite apart from the general tone of the area the build quality of those houses isn’t too good. They were cold, internal walls like cardboard and walls between houses not much better, and we had a good few problems with a leaky roof. Very poky 4-beds too, the passage between houses comes out of the ground floor area leaving it very small (unless extended it’s average living room, tiny kitchen and bathroom), and upstairs you get one good size bedroom, 2 OK ones, and a boxroom (I doubt floor area over 1100 sqft). Very basic houses altogether.