WIW in Limerick?

How many pigs for this baby?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ick/135349

Five heavy pigs, ten light sows, twenty sawn-off shotguns and fifty boxes of hypodermic needles. Maybe more, maybe less.

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I dislike inconcise offers . . . No more no less . . .

It’s more an inchoate offer or an invitation to treat rather than an inconcise offer.

How many needles should be in each box?

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41 . . . No more no less . . .

€300000, i grew up in the area.

Schools, churches, hospitals, shops, nice old pubs, and the city centre within 5 mins walking.

If you worked in the city centre you could sell the car.

With that tiny yard I suspect you might be in breach of animal welfare legislation if you tried to keep any pigs in it at all. And your bags of grass seed would be useless.

Jaysus… well I wouldn’t go offering any pot plants, rugs or ornate glass light fittings as part of the deal… they’re well subscribed.

I’d offer €281,592 and a pair of partly worn gents slip-on shoes… no more no less…

  1. I grew up in the area too.

This is a very reasonable offer . . . Very reasonable indeed . . . .No more on less . . . .

I also grew up in the area. Great location but you really need off-street parking if you keep the car as wing mirrors are regularly vandalised late at night.

Also the recent location of a hostel for junkies on nearby Alphonsus Street has resulted in an increase in anti-social behaviour.

This one is for sale directly accross the road. Big garden and off-street parking to the rear.


Asking 550,000 for quite a while now. They are only looking for 1,400 a month to rent it and they can’t get that either :smiley: .

Bide your time and get a superior house for the same money.

Did you buy your sweets and comics in Sexton’s no more no less . . .?’

I thought old sexton was too cranky. I prefered Johnsey’s.

Spent many a night eh “growin up” in that area myself.
Compliments of Mary I ladies.
“Taught” me everything i know. BD 8-

mucky lasses . . . No more no less . . .

ah yes - The Virgin Megastore…

Contradiction in terms when you are talking about limerick . . .No more no less . . . .