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I am a long time lurker (I suspect this site has thousands of us :smiley: ) and my apologies for my first post being a WIW.

Me and my partner are hoping to buy a place in the next 2-3 years if the prices are right (read below 200k so we can have a life). I am still puzzled about the prices in North Dublin I have to say.

The below places would suit us and I would be thankful for any comments, as the asking prices seem quite high and I wonder if we will be able to afford this kind of house in the future.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -5/1277457

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -5/1553378

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -5/1490658

absolutely no idea why they are so dear.
unfortunately you may be waiting a while for realistic prices though

The 3 houses you have flagged are all in a little enclave off the Howth Road. These were originally ex-servicemen’s houses. The building that housed the British Legion Hall is still standing. There is a lovely feel to this area, the gardens are largish, the owners are middle class. However, it was built before every household had a car, so is a maze of little winding roads. I would be nervous with small children and of cyclists. Location is good - close to the Dart and to buses to town. The houses themselves are small though many are extended. You cannot change the front of the houses. I doubt they’ll fall to your price range in the next year or two. I may be hot on your heels if they ever approach 200k!

Thank you for your input, very helpful especially as I am not from Ireland and wouldn’t have the local knowledge.

These bungalow style houses are ridiculously expensive given the price of other gaffs in the area. They are in a lovely location and they all seem to have nice back gardens but they look really pokey inside. I suppose being able to say your spitting distance from the Howth Road puts the price up!

Good spot for hash, Killester.

Nice hash like.

Y’know. Hash with manners.

And pool.

Great spot for pool.

Well. Harmonstown was.

But sure, its the same thing isnt it?

At least it used to be.

Surprised by the good location comments - ok its not ballymun but its not exactly malahide or blackrock. I do some work up that way and a couple of the local pharmacies you have to be buzzed into or have a guard - nuff said

It’s a charming, unique garden suburb 200 metres from a Dart station and a QBC. Nothing remotely dodge about the vicinity.

If I was moving from abroad it would be evident this is a far superior location to comparables on the southside like Irishtown or around south lotts rd.


Was not expecting those prices when I clicked the link… Did the recession not hit Killester?! :unamused:

Renovation project, but nice to see the price starting with a 2:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -5/1701849

Try next door in Clontarf for recession busting prices. :unamused:

Abbeyfield and Middle Third got extremelly expensive during the boom. Like near €1 million prices. Was a popular overflow for Clontarf in the days. Like Clontarf it appears to be taking a lot longer to come down than surrounding areas.

This was taken off the market last year because of boundary issues with planning and the neighbour a.f.a.i.k. Anyone know what the story is now? Any views on whether its value or not? www.myhome.ie/1490658

Boundary issues settled according to a friend who lives close by. I saw through this last Saturday. Nice house - in move-in condition. A few drawbacks with the new layout. The kitchen cum livingroom is a lovely room, high ceilinged and bright but faces north, so would be cold as a sittingroom. What would have been the sittingroom is at the front, southfacing. If you need a 3rd bedroom, this is it. The attic room is doorless and is the alternative sitting area. The rear garden resembles one from a new estate and faces due North. School grounds are over the back wall. Pluses - roomy, Master bedroom with arch to wardrobe area beyond which is the ensuite, has a separate utility room, plenty of parking space, lovely area. Minuses - north facing rear garden, part underfloor heating (cost me a fortune in a previous property), is really only a 2 bed if you want 2 reception rooms, white PVC front door (a pet hate) and the price - I can’t afford it. I’d take it though for around 300k.

Just looking at 47 Abbeyfield, and searching the Pin for information about living in Killester. Does not seem to be much? Any information on schools in the area? Especially non-religious ones?

In terms of the house, it seems quite nice but a bit punchy on the price, no? myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 505736#map

Mount Temple comprehensive school is directly on the other side of the golf course.

Not many options for primary I think though.

For me this spot is the nicest on the northside before you get to Sutton and Howth.

You are a very short walk to the dart, which is as good as it gets for public transport on this island. Killester village has most retail you’ll need. St Anne,s park is a short walk and the airport is 20 minutes.

Anti-social behaviour is limited and very little traffic. A bungalow with a large garden has considerable appeal and may stave off the nursing home for a couple of months when the time comes:O

It’s primary schools I’m interested in at the moment. I also worry about what the kids in the neighbourhood would be like. We just got outbid on a house in Clontarf that went for crazy money so I’m trying to think more laterally. We know loads of people in Clontarf but no one in Sutton or Killester. Public transport is of paramount importance for me, am very time poor


3 bidders left - currently at 525k :open_mouth: