WIW Knock na Boley, Owendore Avenue, Rathfarnham

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1475758

3 bed detached in need of modernisation with a 175sq ft back garden! So plenty of scope to extend. Looks like a quiet location.

started off at 650k before Aug 11 and 2 big falls later (-24%), is now at 495k.

Funny that no one on here has discussed this before. But whats the Pinsters views?..it seems to tick all the boxes, bar the price still being high. Huge potential

Done a drive by a while back…its kind of down a lane and “just didn’t jump out” at me.
Garden is large but taken with lane, shed and north facing.

Worst garden orientation and needs money which implies smaller pool of buyers

Hard one to value, probably somewhere around 300 euro a sq ft as a starting point

That put it at 370ish…

It is reasonably unique though, big garden and quitevcharacterful, and desirable part of rathfarnham so maybe a bit more but probably not a huge amount.

So say 410-415?

€410 to €415? Needing a substantial refurb and in the shadow of a mobile phone mast?? :open_mouth:

Did not Realise there was a mast. Back to 370 ish I guess. You any thoughts?

in fairness, and only from what I can see on street view, but the mast seems to be at the other end of the street…maybe 30 to 40 metres away with 7 or 8 houses inbetween.
If it was 370ish, I’d defo show interest myself, north facing garden or not

Ok if the mast is that far away let’s split the difference and say 400k :angry: adjusting my muddle factor in my house valuation, price is inversely proportional to the square off the distance to the nearest phone mast.

This is actually a tricky one to value. How much would someone pay for the site, must be .2 something of an acre. Maybe 200 and another 150 for house, given it needs a refurb, allowing fees, hassle etc you get back to 370 ish again.

Assuming someone buys it we might even find out in a few months

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1475758

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