WIW - Knockmenagh road , Clondalkin

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 22/1458534

Any opinions please?

I’m told this is in a nice area of Clondalkin where houses rarely come up for sale. I see from
Collapso that originally they were asking €350k and only recently dropped asking price to €290k. What would you consider a fair price in today’s Market?

Too expensive - avoid.

I agree it is too expensive, therefore I would appreciate anybody’s opinion to what he/she considers to be a fair price for it in today’s Market. May I ask why would you suggest avoiding it altogether? Any particular reason or just because it is overpriced?

180k in today’s market, much less next year?

Some money still needs to be spent on the house and it is not close to town or anything that would increase the value.
It looks like a nice street, but I think 200k+ for this place would be crazy.

I discovered this house is circa 60 years and therefore the likelihood is that it would need complete insulation, anyone any idea on average a job like this would cost? House circa 1400 square foot , thanks