WIW - Laurel Cottage, Lanesville, Monkstown €699K asking



Less a “what’s it worth” and more a “surely it’s not worth this?!”.

A hefty €699K for 100 sqm of space in Monkstown (Farm). It’s been “newly renovated” and “completely refurbished throughout” though.


Old single panel rads with tell-tale yellowed rad knob / surface mounted copper piping here and there. Doubtlessly attached to some ancient gas boiler

Old battery powered smoke alarm in the hall hinting at no recent rewire

Tacky PVC windows (even on kerbside)

Old roof

Surface mount socket boxes - even one on a skirting board, hinting at ancient wiring

1970’s white marble fireplace - sans computer generated flames.

Clatty-looking laminate all over the place

Ceiling plaster in kitchen looks like it’s been applied with a shovel

No landscaping to rear - just a scruffy lawn. They’ve even managed to add a ton or so of the now ubiquitous Ballylusk gravel.

Is there a chance of fetching this kind of price down there?



so new cheap carpets, a paint job and ikea furniture now constitutes:

“newly renovated” and “completely refurbished throughout”

and those pvc sash windows :sick:


To be fair to whoever applied lipstick to this particular pig: those Georgian PVC sash-look windows were already in situ. The current makeup artist merely took down mock external shutters :smiley:


The old Dimplex heater in the bathroom is another giveaway to an “bygone era” :-GC


Approximately the same era in which Nordmende appliances were top quality. Now they are the cheapest appliances The Panelling Centre sell.

The EA hasn’t drawn attention to the fact there’s ample room to extend (subject to P.P.). Maybe that’s because you shouldn’t have to extend at that price?

Methinks Remax looked at what Mitchell Douglas were asking for a Duplex up the road (near €600K) and figured detached, double-fronted period chic would do better


Down to €670. I would have thought a €100K off would be a better place to even begin dreaming.