Wiw laurel lodge 42 barnhill road, dalkey

Any thoughts on this one, looks like a lovely finish, lack of garden space.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … th/2045984

€500 per foot?

Or even more i can’t find 136 sq metres, think the agent has been over generous in his measurements

Extremely attractive house, and great finish. While it lacks a rear garden, it seems (from looking at street view) that the current owners just used the front garden as they’ve got a trampoline out there. It’s obviously not ideal, but if you closed the front gate then it would probably be relatively private.

The price on the other hand…

Nice house,worth about 300k or 8 times average earnings.

This is not an average earners home or location so no point in using any calculation with average earnings.

It’s a gorgeous house in a great location with shortcomings regards no real garden etc. It’s not a huge house but not that small either - we’ve all gotten too used to celtic tiger sizes!

A professional couple could afford this house on 3.5 earnings presuming deposit etc. All it needs is a buyer who sees the shortcomings as irrelevant - couple in 50s/60s with grown kids for example.

IMO, from watching the Dalkey market, this will sell for close to asking.

This seems to be a common trend with DNG, they have a basement apartment in sandycove listed at 250sq ft bigger than the measurements listed! with Laurel Lodge you are getting 112 sq m, not 136 sq m, so thats 6.5k sq m or €610 per sq ft! with no back garden and your front under pressure if you own 2 cars, not exactly a bargin!

Hmmm. It’s right on the (very busy) main road into Dalkey with no real garden. Significant shortcomings, I think.

Sold for 719k. Asking price was 735k.

I would have thought this would have finished slightly over rather than slightly under the asking price.