WIW: Limasol, 6 Marlborough Road, Glenageary, Co Dublin

Limasol, 6 Marlborough Road, Glenageary, Co Dublin €2,650,000
5 Bed Semi-Detached House 402 m² / 4327 ft² For Sale
Write up in the Irish Times (below) saying that it went for 2.525m at auction in 2004
New owners put in for planning in Dec 2004 to add extra 109 sq m simple extension (1,200 sq ft.) and upgrade existing 3,100 sq ft.
Probably cost c. 700k (less if you were skilled at it) giving a 3.225m all-in cost at end of 2004 prices.

A big ask for this part of the world in this market (and 82% of end 2004 value) by my calcs.
Most +2.5m SCD trophy homes are selling at c. 50-70% of 2004-05 prices and 33-40% of absolute peak.

Marlborough Road is a very nice road but certainly not one of Dublin’s best by a long shot.
House is semi-d and plot size of just under 0.30 of an acre (on planning application) which is small for trophy homes out here.

3 Marlborough Road went for 1.96m in 2010 (pre full crash) thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?p=353416
20 Marlborough Road went for c1.80m just recently myhome.ie/residential/brochure/20-marlborough-road-glenageary-co-dublin/2540404
20 Marlborough Road was a very good house in comparison (also semi-D of 4,100 sq ft. on 0.30 acres) but I stand to be corrected

International buyer first, and if no joy reduce to get some local interest ?

Perhaps if it were detached and with some more land, it could entice an international buyer.

But what about location, location, location? It is too far from the centre for city-loving international buyers and not far out enough to be a peaceful country residence. I think it falls between two stools.

While the interior is relatively tasteful for a Celtic Tiger refurb, the home’s rear elevation is positively horrendous.

Not only it is unusually styled on the exterior but it is also a bit narrow - they should have made it 1.5 to even 2x (full tiger) deeper?
A buyer of this would want to replace the back wall with folding glass (at minimum).
There could be some restriction on the back windows due to overlooking? (the building is not protected)

65 Orwell Park has just gone sale agreed for less than this asking
Way more valuable than Limasol (larger south facing site detached period D6) in my view
65 would have gone for c. 7m at the peak (Limasol would never have gotten near that)

20 Marlborough Road just appeared on the register sold 12-11-13 for €1,700k (only went sale agreed under 3 mths ago)
20 Marlborough Road was a good house (also semi-D of 4,100 sq ft. and also on 0.30 acres)
Over 900k extra for 6 vs. 20 - not sure that makes sense to me ?