WIW Linden Cottage, Glenalbyn Road, Stillorgan


430k asking price
Needs a complete renovation.

Interesting story…
2004-2008 some applications rejected for an appartment block by the previous owner
2012 PP approval for the construction of 3 dwellings by Linden Partnership
Jan 2013 sale

Does somebody know what is going on with the Esmonde Motors plot close to it?

Any comment on the real value?

Big disadvantages for me: busy roads in front and behind the house. Uncertainty with the commercial plots close to it.

Isn’t it amazing how simple touches - such as a bicycle leaning on a radiator, or a couple of washing baskets adorning a sofa, or even some empty gas cylinders placed around the garden, enhances a property’s appeal?

I was there on a viewing yesterday and the small details are even more impressing: clothes on the floor, cat inside the house, walls painted with texts with pencil, …it has the wow factor…

For those who went to see it, what was the layout like?

I think it looks like it has potential.

A good location close to Stillorgan. Opposite Glenalbyn with it’s great swimming pool. Difficult to exit from on to busy road. Dual carriageway to rear also. Both the Esmonde motors and old Blake’s restaurant site an eyesore. Plans were to build massive shopping centre here and connect to where the Stillorgan Bowling alley is across the road.

Brilliant pictures all the same.

I especially like the one with the baskets on the couch. It simultaneously looks like the place is a chaotic tip, and as if the junk has been laid out on purpose. The way the two baskets are occupying the seats, and are neatly aligned, the way the fold up table in front of them is neatly placed so as to make removing the baskets difficult, but yet the table is almost useless while the couch is so occupied.

And the way the towels (one can only assume damp/wet) are draped over the arm of the sofa, reminding you that even when the laundry is removed, the sofa will still be moist and unwelcoming.

It’s really a triumph of composition!

Given the artistic richness of the property, I can understand the price. I’d pay a lot for that place, or for somewhere with one of these in the hall:

Viewed on saturday (along with about 60 others) this property. It was in much the same state as the pictures would lead you to believe. I don’t know if it is being sold under duress or if its let or what, but there was not a whole lot of effort made to present it well. The smell of dog hits you as soon as you enter the property and lingers with you afterwards… anyway… about the property itself:

The layout is both a positive and a negative. The galley kitchen is cut off from the dining room by a breakfast bar. I am sure this could be improved. There is a charming sitting room with a lovely fire place. Then its out to the big conservatory and the large back garden (E-SE) direction. Garden needs work, there is a rotting deck covering something… possibly a septic tank. You get a good bit of road noise from the nearby n11 in the garden. Back into the house, there is a large room currently being used as a bedroom off the conservatory. Has an ensuite and big wardrobe. The ensuite is the only downstairs loo. Up the split level staircase there are 2 medium sized bedrooms on one side, on the other is a kind of lobby/office open space and then a bathroom and hotpress. So you have 2 real bedrooms.

The house has a lot of potential, but it does not strike me as a very practical home at the moment. Using the large room downstairs as a bedroom would not be for everyone. If you could spend a few quid on it, you can see the attraction of a detached, country style home in the middle of stillorgan for semi-d money.

The plans suggest you have to walk through one bedroom to get to the other?

If it was just the mess to deal with that would be fine - nothing a half-dozen skips wouldn’t solve. But there does seem to be a lack of space upstairs which would be pricey to resolve. Could be a very unique house - but at what cost? No mention of BER, either!

No you do not have to walk through one bedroom to get to the other. There is a landing with a door for each bedroom. Having looked at the plans I forgot the small sitting room adjacent to the conservatory. A dark uninviting room that I forgot.

In that case I’ll take two!

Offer on 380k now.

Sold for €435k on 15/05/2013

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