WIW Lissadell, Kill Lane, Foxrock

Any thoughts on what this is wroth? Wrong end of Foxrock I know, and judging by the proximity to the N11 I bet you get a lot of noise in the garden. Nice front and back gardens but the inside, although big, it’s a bit of a mess, and the utility room and office are on buildings outside the house (not at all convenient). Also, no en-suites upstairs although I suppose you could make the 5th bedroom into one. It also looks like it needs some updating.

So, what do people think? Thanks in advance

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/1793974


Needs heating, insulation, windows, bathroom(s), carpets/flooring etc.
Kitchen looks OK.
100K easy.

Busy road and car park right opposite it although it looks like it is et back from the road.

If it was in the right area for me, I’d be looking at it but for something beginning with a 5

Yes I think so too. Somehow i doubt they’ll bite though. I need to check the noise levels as well as it is a deal breaker for me (we spend lots of time in the garden).

I’d be surprised if it starts with anything higher.

(Next door ?) neighbour …


Correct. “Carraig” is on the corner of Kill Lane and Beech Park Road, which in recent years has become a busy rat run as well as an unofficial park and ride facility for 46A users. “Lissadell” is right beside Carraig, as you continue up Kill Lane on the left hand side opposite Foxrock Church. In my view Carraig is a much less attractive proposition and is very overpriced; it has a smaller garden and is in much the less favourable location of the two because its side wall runs along Beech Park Road. The gardens of both are southwesterly, which is the best orientation to have.

On the issue of noise, Lissadell is set very well back from Kill Lane and has a row of mature trees at the front of the front garden, so I would imagine that with double glazing, the noise even in the front rooms of the house would be very low. In the back rooms it should be negligible. It’s possible that in the back garden there would be a low background hum of the traffic on the N11. As Conor and others on this site have often pointed out, background traffic hum is something that one quickly becomes used to; you might think it would be annoying but in fact most people I’ve ever met who have lived near a main road never notice it - and this was my own experience when I rented a (vile) house on a main road in my student days.

On WIW Lissadell, let’s compare the two:
Carraig is asking €595k for 1744 sq ft, which is €341 per square foot.
Lissadell is asking €725k for 2766 sq ft, which is €262 per square foot.

While I know that some posters *think *Lissadell is worth €5xxk (€181-€217 per square foot) I don’t believe that is a realisitic reflection of what the market will pay. There are plenty of people for whom bigger is better and I believe this will comfortably fetch over €600k; if there are no significant structural faults I would not be surprised if it fetched within 90% of its asking price, in other words up to €650k.

At that price the buyer would be paying €235 per square foot, and might spend about another €35 per square foot (about €100k total) to bring it up to scratch.

Will be interesting to see what it goes for alright.
I dont think noise is an issue with these houses, as they are set well back from the road.

Hard to believe that, back in the day, they were asking almost €1.3m for the houses in the estate around the corner !

I think some people notice noise and some people don’t, or get used to it quickly.

I never get used to it and also like to keep the bedroom windows open at night, so a 2/3 lane carriageway and traffic lights would be an issue for me.

I’m with Sharper on this one. The second house in the thread is not comparable.

Also I’m not sure what you’d need to spend €100k on here. Yeah, some changes could be made (en suite, cosmetic and insulation maybe) but I think that’s overstating what’s required.

Also, regarding it being the wrong end of Foxrock, I wouldn’t be too bothered. It’s on better transport links and it closer to shops and other amenities than the arse end of Brighton Road.

I’d say €600+, easy.

Yes there is no way renovation without extension requires 100k - and I normally over-estimate renovation costs compared to other pinsters!

Whilst this is not olde foxrock it is still a good part of foxrock surrounded by very nice homes on that part of the road.

Good windows/heating/wiring/plumbing/insulation/bathroom(s) etc.
Then flooring, curtains etc etc.

Obviously depends on quality but using decent stuff would not be long getting to 100K and beyond.

I’d be surprised if if didn’t get well over 600K.

Why does it need rewiring and replumbing? :confused:

To upgrade to GFCH?

I’m assuming the originals are there.
They are 65 years old.
If I was going at insulation etc, I’d be tackling the whole lot.
And yeah, would be trying to get away from oil.

I viewed this today. The house needs a lot of updating, inside and outside. It looks “tired” even in the outside. You’d sink 150k easily. You’d need to do the heating (like it’s been said), bathrooms and en-suite, plaster the walls, doors and door-frames, it’s a 65 year old house and say the internal doors for example have never been changed, so that gives you an idea of the level of work required. Also most people would want to move a couple of walls internally to incorporate the utility room and office into the house. You’d spend 150k easily, and without going to top-notch finishes either. The only rooms that doesn’t need touching is the kitchen.

So at 550k you’d have a good detached house, fairly big (not massive either) with decent gardens for 700k all-in after the hassle of a big enough renovation. If you’re dead set to live in Foxrock I’d probably consider it but otherwise I reckon there will be better deals to be had in the not so distant future.

Edited to add, the rooms upstairs are nice but definitely nothing outstanding. Only one big enough bedroom that would became average at best after squeezing an en-suite in. 5th bedroom is completely useless, not even a box room, more like a big wardrobe. Reception rooms are nice enough but again nothing that would sweep you off your feet.

If you wanted space and a big garden without the hassle of all that renovation work, there’s always this:

It is a semi-detached but over 2000 square feet and it has already been extended and updated, although not necessarily to everyone’s tastes or desired standards. It’s not very appealing looking but some of that is cosmetic - for example the front garden needs a makeover. Location isn’t far from or dissimilar to that of Lissadell - on a main road but set well back with a big sunny rear garden - but Clonkeen Road doesn’t have quite the same appeal for some. (I don’t think Conor will be going to see this one.)

Blackrock my ass!

Though if someone handed me the keys to that place, I’d suck it up. Ticks a lot of boxes (inlcuding being ugly on the outside :wink:)

That monster is over my budget, though.

Sale Agreed: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/1793974

in fact it appears to be in both Deansgrange and Blackrock at the same time…

Anpost precision address actually has it in both… Although I thought Deansgrange was all one word?

11 Clonkeen Road
Dean’s Grange
Co. Dublin

Sold for €730k.


The second last line on an An Post address (before the county) is usually the relevant sorting office. If you leave it out e.g. “Deansgrange, Co. Dublin” then you take pot luck that it goes to a different sorting office which will mean a days delay in delivery. If you put “Deansgrange, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin” you will gaurantee a delay. The house however is in Deansgrange regardless of the sorting office issue.