WIW - Live in Temple Road Back Garden for 2 mil +

Three high-spec houses have been built in the former back garden of one of the prestige houses on Temple Road. Positives and negatives of nice new houses in a fairly crowded tight spot in the previously ample back garden. Will they sell quickly?




Same price and same EA as Inis Ealga, but half the size.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/3322898

Does not compute.

First house - seems unusual to do photos on such a dull day with fading light.

That IS an interesting comparison! Perhaps partly reflects the noise level on Milltown Road versus the very quiet Temple Road. They are both fairly new builds, on odd-shaped plots cut out of an original, larger plot. But that is a substantial size difference. Perhaps the very large size of Inis Ealga does not suit modern Irish family needs? Not sure what explains the same price for much difference sq footage.