WIW Lohengrin, Torca Road, Dalkey, County Dublin

Lohengrin, Torca Road, Dalkey, County Dublin
€1,295,000 - 5 Bed Detached House 2265 ft² / 210.43 m² For Sale BER F (0.129 acres)

Irish Independent - The €1.2m Dalkey home with views that enchanted a playwright

This is the second time around for Lohengrin.

Appeared at the end of 2014 (the mini-peak in Dublin high-end) asking 1.1m through Gunne (now Quillsen).

Never got a bid over 1m (as I remember it).

Finnegan discovered that the problem is that the price needed to be higher !
(PS despite the higher-end in Dublin falling since the mini-peak in 2014)
… and are asking +30% above the highest bid in 2014/2015 ?
(they should get into the flipping business themselves).

BER rating of F will tell you that this is a quasi-site (i.e. structure is worth c. 150k, if anything at all).

At 1.295m for .129 acres = 10m per acre (don’t know if we have seen much of that in Dublin yet ?)

Lets see if Finnegan’s higher-price technique will succeed where Quillsen’s approach failed ?

Note the Irish “Independent” inability to remember that Lohengrin was on the market recently, and failed, at a lower price.
(as well as their inability to get the current asking right at almost 1.3m - maybe they are too embarrassed?).
Makes you wonder what the “Independent” term refers to in their name?
(i.e. "Independently serving the interests of Irish Oligarchs and Irish EAs?)

Note, last recorded planning on the DLR site is D94B/0051 (from 1994), and shows the site location and size:
(i.e. tiny at 522 sq m, or 0.129 acres - no back garden here, more like an advanced apartment).

Sold for €1.2m according to the register