WIW - Luggala, Roundwood, County Wicklow



Luggala, Roundwood, County Wicklow - On sale for €28,000,000 with Sotheby’s International (A round USD 30 million)

sothebysrealty.com/eng/sales … undwood-ln

Described as having 27 beds, 18 baths, over 16,000sqft and 5,000 acres. What do people think? Is it worth €28 million? No doubt it’s a beautiful home in an unrepeatable setting (read: with its own lake a few hundred meters away), surrounded by 5,000 private acres and then the largest national park in the state… But €28 million is a lot to ask :blush:


I would say maybe development potential could come into it considering it is 5,000 acres


The photo from the boat house type structure out onto the lake looks magical (for the odd particuarly mild Irish summer day). Do we have scope for another country house hotel in Wicklow?


In Wicklow! Good luck with that :slight_smile:


Ignoring the house, €28m/5000 = €5600 per acre. I’m sure a fair chunk of it has little or no agricultural value but if even half of it could be put to agricultural use, it’s priced accordingly. The 9 residential buildings come free.


true Bumble, but the upkeep of those residential buildings would be rather demanding.


If those acres at all surround the house (reasonable assumption) then nobody will be allowed build anything, Wicklow has very strict planning rules in general outside urban areas, let alone in the mountains and National Park.

Unless the acreage all lies to the East of the house, before the mountains begin in earnest, it’s probably worth next to nothing - it’s all mountains, peaty uplands and other agriculturally redundant lands to the North, West and South.


The value of the land is splendid isolation. The best you’d hope for is to generate income to offset the running costs.

What’s it being used for currently?


Currently the private home of Garech Browne, descendant of Arthur Guinness. For many years it’s been rented out on short-term basis (few weeks at a time), most recently seeking €22,000 a week. Lots of filming done on the lake too, so probably some income there. This Irish Times article explains the owners reasoning for selling.

I can only image the amount of money and fuels needed to heat the home in winter up in the mountains XD


Was this not up for sale previously?


it has no development potential - it’s almost entirely surrounded by Wicklow National Park and is in one of the most picturesque valleys in the country. It also doesn’t have much agricultural value - sheep grazing only I would guess. The government is taking an interest but I’m not sure they could justify forking out 28m for this.


There’s enough land to grow all the firewood you’d need. You just need fuel for the wood chipper :smiley:


The isolation isnt really that splendid tbh, you’d have serious traffic noises from the tour busses and lots of screaming kids and other distractions for most of the year on the cliffs over your head, that road is a serious tourist route, intersecting with the Wicklow Way and one of the most popular cycling roads in the country. In Summer you’d have 100 people on the cliff over your head taking pics of you all day long, from a bit of a distance but you’d expect 28 million to do away with annoyances like that.

And then when the sun sets you can enjoy the sound of boy racers going at it in their Subarus most nights until the early hours aswell.


Most boy racers can’t get insurance on Subarus these days so likely to be going at it in something else

It’s not that busy up there in my experience but I’d be avoiding it at weekends anyway


Now sold at a discount to a “foreign buyer”

I think Crawfords in Dalkey were involved in this for some reason? Some commission for a one-man operation!


Now registered as sold for €11.585M. Barely 40% of asking.



That for the house - excludes purchase of circa 5k acres of land


Do you know how much land was sold with the house?

Is the 5k. Acres still on the market?


i believe the 5,000 acres was part of the deal


Property price register only records value of the house and I think up to 1 acre of land.