WIW - "Marfin", Butterfield Avenue, Rathfarnham

What’s this worth?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1828313

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Right on the main road, and it’s beside a commercial premises. Very overlooked and the back garden well there is no garden really it’s a yard. Not sure about the “garden” orientation. It looks like it will be very dark inside and the bedrooms upstairs look “dormer style” (low slanty ceilings which I hate). Still, Butterfield avenue always commads high prices

Any guestimates?

you sound like you are starting to panic puesyo…

i wouldn’t buy this for the reasons you point out. Are you not specifically looking for somewhere with a good garden?

how about myhome.ie/1797371 - needs work but on .5 acre.

Oh my, I think I spend too much time on this site…

Not panicking just yet but close enough. I have pretty much lost hope that we’ll ever get something decent at our price range. A compromise has to be made and perhaps a lack of garden could be it… if it means a lower mortgage… I don’t know. Truth is re-reading my own post doesn’t look like I like the house too much, does it? I haven’t viewed it though… pretty much grasping at straws alright

That house in Rathgar, 695k plus all the work on top to extend, better area and all but it’s probably too much… plus the garden looks like it’s all slanted too. Might have a look though…

just to say that Google maps has this in the wrong place on Butterfield. It’s actually right down by the very busy junction with Ballyroan road, not half way up Butterfield beside Rathfarnham shopping centre

Correct. Right beside the clinic in the corner with Old Bridge rd.

To answer my own question, something north of 500k anyway. There’s a bid on it already. Go figure.

I think I’ll pass

Have you any idea what some people would give to afford the kind of budget you have? :imp:

I think you need to have a think about what it is that represents “something decent”.

Well, I tell you, we have both worked hard enough to get to the salaries we have now… my OH’s working hours are somewhere between 50 and 60 per week, and he doesn’t stop to read the newspaper either. And yet that “budget” doesn’t get you much in this country… show me something that represents value and doesn’t involve a 45 min commute each way (that is, we want to stay in Co. Dub)


myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2043209

represents value I think. Only the bidding on this one is… well… somewhere north of 720k, I stopped keeping track to avoid getting further depressed.

I would be even more depressed if the sum I had available was north of 500k and I still felt that I couldn’t get ‘something decent’. Sometimes it is hard to deal with the fact that what’s perceived as a good job with a high salary barely allows you to purchase an average house in the semi-sticks.

Lived in the area before and recognised the house right away. As mentioned, it’s next to a busy crossroads and about 5 mins walk from the shopping centre. Still, you have quick access to the bus routes on the Tallaght road rather than the diabolical 15B the rest of Butterfield ave has to make do with.

Correct. And mortgage your life to it too.

Hi Puesyo, I’m not currently househunting, so admittedly am pretty out of touch with how things are ‘out there’. May I ask whether you’re asking for guestimates cos you want to use it as a benchmark against other properties in the area…or because you’d consider it as an option to enquire/bid on?
I ask this because your post highlights a fair few perceived cons, without any pros to balance them out.
I am aware of the ‘shortage’ of good family homes and wonder now just how many househunters, getting ready to take the plunge, are readjusting expectations and settling for a place they might not have settled for a couple of months/years previously.

(Can’t say I get the attraction to Butterfield Ave - the thought of a few miserable wet mornings stuck in backedup traffic heading in the Nutgrove direction would be enough to put me outta the run for it. Edit: well that, and I could never afford it! :slight_smile: )

I don’t know, I was just curious as to what people think I guess. Not for comparison - i already know that the only other thing I can afford in the area is a slightly better than average semi-d. And you’re right, is not that appealing area anyway… but anything else that’s detached and not tiny is upwards of 800k, even in other parts of D16, never mind D14 or D6.

You guys are on another planet. The type of houses that pueyso is putting up over the years are not average houses.

I’m sure you do work hard, and you’re obviously paid very well for it.

I work my nuts off, am in what anyone normal would consider to be a very well paid job (household income of 68K + 12K), and my budget is less than half of yours and anything I look at is practically one step above a council estate.

I think you need some perspective.

First world problems etc.

Puesyo, does that not tell you something? If you are both working that hard and earning good salaries in comparision to others, then in a normal market you should be able to buy the type of property you expect. If you are really as disheartened as you seem, it tells me something: deep, deep down you realise property prices are still nuts. My advice is to sit back, enjoy where you currently live (even if it be rented), wait two years and then you’ll have the pick of the houses. This market is only going one way, the temporarily successful panic that’s being put out there by VIs will not last.

“Marfin” is a boring house, it is dated. Reminds me of the house in the “Brady Bunch”. It is nothing special. Busy road too. It is worth €400k when completely modernised. It is not worth €595k. Don’t panic buy.

Re Woodbine Road, fine location (bit in the middle of nowhere for me) but not worth €720k if that’s what the bidding is at.

This place has been for sale for several years.

Busy junction (wrong end of Butterfield avenue), very dated looking property, blah, blah.

Can’t see this selling (for real) any time soon and not at an ask over 500k.

Actually, what I meant was like 23rdbuchan wrote - I earn around the same as him and yet find that, even in the further suburbs, that most of the stock affordable to me is junk. It’s almost junk in the Burroughs sense of the word - you’ll be tethered for life to it, while probably hating yourself for settling for it, and wanting to get rid of it.

I wish I was so sure about that. Supply and demand, etc etc, all the stuff discussed ad nauseum in several threads over the last few days, whatever. Like someone said earlier in another thread I really can’t figure where are all the people paying 700k for houses coming from, when supposedly we’re in the top 6% earners in the country or thereabouts. So the top 6% earners in the country can afford this

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/106458

or this

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/2072692

then, who’s buying this?


Not that I want to live in a semi-d in Nutley lane.

I don’t know, the whole thing is just bonkers.

Oh and by the way, we’re just after being kicked out of our rental and have to look for another one, there is not a lot out there at the moment and it’s quite expensive and I am going to have to commute a little bit to my kids school when before I could walk. So not enjoying the renting either.

So Rathmichael is right, the whole market is completely scr*wed.

+1. The Dublin property market will probably never “recover” to sane property prices. Too many people seem to be prepared to hand over decades worth of income for relatively shitty housing stock. I could easily be in the market for either of the houses here, but hell will freeze over before I fork out three quarters of a million for a jaded looking bungalow on the side of the N11. There’s too many interesting and fun things to do with that sort of money.