WiW: Maytree, Bray Road, Enniskerry, Wicklow

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Nice looking place - though a lot closer to a busy road than the IT and EA let on (see street view). I was surprised by the price (lower than I would have thought) You could certainly do a lot worse?
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puff piece in the IT:

I think the floor area is quite overstated and includes the garage/play room. It has three double beds, a study, one en suite, a family bath room and an open plan kitchen diner. I would estimate that this looks around 1200 square feet of living space. Downstairs there is a utility room and playroom/garage - I think, am I wrong? I cant see that the space downstairs has any natural light. I also cant see this being anywhere near as big as 287 square metres. Where are the room dimensions?

The open plan living room diner is a night mare in reality, as far as I am concerned.

from Wickla CoCo

can’t get the drawings

You can see in some of the pictures that the site has matured well. That is right up my strasse.

Love it. Close to build cost IMHO.

Those pipes coming down from the building make it look like a Minecraft squid mob.


Probably not far off anyway. The owners’ own house down on Cookstown Road is something else, too.
Not too many ultra-moderns like this for sale I don’t think, although it has nothing on Johnny Ronan’s Goulding Summerhouse across the dargle from here IMHO, which I love. His Dargle Cottage estate down the road is certainly one of the best properties in Ireland.

It was designed by ODOS Architects. I was going to post a link to the project on their site as it had more photos & info, but they’ve changed their website to the most awful Tumblr mess. odosarchitects.com/

Edit: Found it odosarchitects.com/odos/odos … wcklw.html

ajbuildingslibrary.co.uk/pro … ay/id/1717

Oh I had never heard of that - and a 70s design originally? Lovely.

Very A James Speyer (he of that Ferris house fame!).

Absolutely. The internal layout is a disaster.

I also think it’s a bit of an eyesore from the outside, but then de gustibus non est disputandum. :laughing:

Oh no, you can definitely have an argument. Like the exterior - interior needs more screening.

I really cant see how this house is as big as they claim. The rooms don’t look so big at all.

Our living space is a carbon copy of that, and if my daughter is practicing the piano and my son wants to play on the Xbox, but my husband is watching the news, it is mayhem. I long for a silent kitchen, or a bit of radio 4 and a glass of wine in the early evenings after work. That layout gives me palpitations.

All it would take is a barky dog and something moving in the garden. Pass the Solpadeine.

The play room in the basement must have no natural light. Or do you have to open the garage door for that? I can imagine trying to convince the kids to play down there on an autumn half term. Not.

And what about the chunk of the hillside that got washed down in the heavy rains last year that left the tenants with no access to the house ?

Maybe the owner has figured it is best to get rid of it lest the insurance costs start going up ?

With the trees and steep sides I’d say this site and house may not get much light in winter. Always feels a bit dark and damp in this valley to me. Build cost couldn’t be €850k could it? Would think the pricing a bit optimistic too.

Something like this is a bit unique though so only takes one buyer to take a ancy to it.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ow/2826490

Sale agreed, last asking 750

I love the style - there are far far too few modern designs available here (and far too many really terrible dark little boxes).
The landslide bit is worrying though, google street view from 2009 and satellite maps indicate various slides into the garden.
Back on the market at 750k BTW

I love it and hate it at the same time. 750k seems very reasonable

Was driven past this yesterday and only realised that it was still for sale through Colliers for 750k

Usual high quality review by the bubble media (which overstates the living area by a factor of 2 !)

I have to say this is such a badly designed house it should be a case study for 1st year architecture students on how not to copy famous modern designs. Ironically, there is an equally good case study very nearby by Scott Talon Walker, on how it should be done. (Goulding Summer House stwarchitects.com/project-information.php?p=07143&t=f).

MAYTREE is situated in a lovely rural setting with a lot of natural features and over 1.5 acres of site (not all of it useable). ODOS, the architects, throw all this aside and make something that has no bearing or relationship to it site. It would better slotted into a small infill site in Ranelagh that tries to maximise space / small garden, and give some kind of ‘wow’ factor.

Wicklow’s Planning Site (ref 066182), wicklow.ie/online-enquiries show that the house is really 150 sq m of living area (1,600 sq ft.), with another 50 sq m of garage and another c. 50 sq m of terracing / awning. Despite living this far out and on a good site, you get three Ranelagh townhouse sized bedrooms of c. 15 sq m. each, plus a smaller 10 sq m kitchen ?

The crowning glory is a living / dining room that is a narrow rectangle of only 5m width by 12m long. Any 1st year architecture student studying this style, will tell you it revolves around a large open central living area (it is a pure representation of space). A 5m width is way too tight (it should be at least 8m and ideally 10m). On the photos, you can see that the living room sofa barely fit the width of this core room ? The root of this mistake is the Cantilever design (completely unnecessary in a country site), makes every 1m extra width more expensive / complex to build (requires deeper foundations). An absurd mistake to make in copying this style.

In addition, ODOS have added their trademark ‘black’ finishes. Some of these finishes look well in urban settings (I personally couldn’t live long in a dark house but respect the design), but again, in a beautiful rural green setting, it feels out-of-place.

It is hard to believe that ODOS won an award for this (maybe Declan Ryan is Chairman of the body). This is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Ryan should have put his money into copying something like Villa Abborrkroken (as featured in the Girl with Dragon Tattoo) - also 250 sq m.

PS - 200 sq m of actual build space (even including the garage / ground floor), and a structure that is largely poured concrete with special steel beams for the cantilevering, and some plate glass windows, this house would have cost c. 400k to build all-in.


Robin Walker was trained and worked with Le Corbusier & Mies van der Rohe. A lot of similarities with Mies van der Rohe - Farnsworth house evident for example. Maybe we should get it moved to Ranelagh. Everything belongs in Ranelagh don’t you know. :slight_smile:



I think one of my favorites by him is one of his own homes in Bothar Bui in the Beara Peninsula and one of the best examples of vernacular modernism I like.



I don’t think the problem is the size of the room more the furniture that is it in. My guess is that whom ever commissioned the house are not living in it now. Who would commission a modernest structure like that and then fill it with completely inapporpriate over sized furniture and the spiral design rug (O.K there is an Eames recliner there but completely smothered). If you look at the pictures that were on the net at the time when it won the awards etc it was pictured with Marcel Breuer (Bauhaus) etc iirc. This is more the kind of thing you should expect in a house like this which does it justice i.e. (Bauhaus to Mid Century and in-between). See the two examples of the houses you posted. Mies van der Rohe, Hans J Wenger etc. Nothing to do with the size of the house. I had a house in the country done (not yet built as hopefully it will be an irish retreat one day as living abroad currently) that would be described as a modernist building that has the exact same dimensions as this for the living / dining area and I had had it discussed with several very reputable architects In Ireland and abroad and I don’t think any would concur with what you say regarding proportions. Although I am not the biggest fan of this house on this site either I don’t think I would give it all the criticism you do.

I am not sure what you are getting at either about having a cantelevered house in a country setting. Maybe you should have tipped Frank Lloyd Wright off on that one :slight_smile: