WIW Mount Argus estate

There are a few houses in Mount Argus and wondering what Pinsters’ opinions of the estate/these prices is… I can’t afford these at the moment

daft.ie/1528316 Sale agreed early July at an asking of 304950

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … oss/298957

I was barely past the threshold when I was told this was ‘open to offers’ and 330k is a starting point. It’s in terrible shape cosmetically, and has no bath, but I’m not looking for a family home.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6w/359987
I have to admit from the photos I’m in love. But there’s no hope in hell of paying remotely near the asking (365k). And I’m not going to go see it.

Am I demented if I think I have a hope of picking up something in this estate for max 250k next year?

If people are paying those prices for these house then there is still too much loose money in the irish economy.

Irish people seem to have overvalued things to the degree that they think nothing of spending astronomical sums of money. It is as if they have lost all sense of value of that money.

In the present market 250000 is way too much to pay for such poor quality housing unless you are seeking negative equity as an investment strategy.

Just sit on the fence and watch the economy and property prices collapse, that should keep you amused for the foreseeable future.

Can you clarify why they are such ‘poor quality’? Certainly they are not spectacular, just interested in opinions on quality.

If youn cant see Most houses built in the republic in recent times are poor quality so irish peoples ability to identify quality property is poor. Properties in other countries in comparision are better designed, layed out and built.

These houses are terraced rubbish, no side access with garbage bins kept out front. Horrendous in my opinion.

They will quickly become slums or rental garbage.

If you are prepared to set your sights higher and bide your time you will do much better.

Ireland, as you must be aware, is an economic basket case with no redemming features.

Property is what got it into this situation and will keep it in such a state for a long, long time.

Right. Well I don’t want to live in another country - irredeemable as Ireland is, I presume you mean economically, though perhaps you are discarding the country as a whole - so quality in other countries isn’t actually relevant, I can only pick from what is available in the area.

Most of that end of Mount Argus is rental houses, nurses etc and the like, so different neighbours all the time from one year to the next. . If it was in a corner with a side entrance and a good garden then 250-270 would be a settling figure for me

Thanks Duisigh - I’ve only been up there a few times, so that info is really great. I am hoping for something a bit more settled alright.