WIW - Mount Carmel, 12 Calderwood Road, Drumcondra

Went to see this on saturday. Needs a thorough refresh inside decor-wise and the front rooms are smaller than they seem in the piccies. As for the attic, Tyrion Lannister would be cramped. I think it’s well overpriced.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/3274435

I really like this! Calderwood road is one of the best locations in Drumcondra IMO.

Decor might be a little bland/modern to suit all tastes given the period of the house, but I don’t see how it needs a refresh.

That is one big house! Looks impressive. Seems to be priced reasonably well too.

I really like the downstairs extension and you still have a large rear garden.

It’s definitely a lot of house and looks a lot better value than some advertised recently on the busier main roads.

this was originally a 4 bedroomed house I believe. It has been renovated into a three bedroomed house with a very small room in the attic. An offer of the asking price Euro 850,000 was made at the second viewing according to the estate agent.