WIW Mountain View House, Beaumont Ave, Churchtown

This is an interesting property.


It has a fabulous history - in the 1970s the whole Mountain View Estate appears to have been carved off this residence.

patrickcomerford.com/2015/12 … house.html

DAFT PPR had it withdrawn from sale in 2011 at 520,000 and in 2014 they were hoping for 550,000 - so you would never pay more than that (daftdrop.com/houses/mountain … -14-289939). Interestingly, it seemed to morph into a 5 bedroom 1 bath place in 2014!

The road is relatively busy as it is a main link between Churchtown proper and Dundrum, and there is a bus that plies the street, meaning that the second deck of the bus will have a great view into your upstairs rooms and your garden. However, given the price, it is a hard one to ignore if you (like me) are interested in a period property in Dublin 14.

As you’ll see from the link, Allsops has it for sale (it failed to sell by Auction with a reserve of between 550,000 and 600,000). It seems to call for a developer to come in and buy it and put 4 townhouses on the land, while keeping the original protected property in its current commercial use. However, it appears that an ambitious planning application of a bit more than a decade ago (put in by one of the commercial occupiers of the building), failed to realise its potential. This has probably scared off many prospective developers:

planning.dlrcoco.ie/swiftlg/apas … theTabNo=4

If you couldn’t get planning, you’d be stuck with a 2 bedroom place or 4 commercial offices - the owner (architects) would definitely vacate, given that it is being sold with vacant possession.

I can’t work out the actual size as the knight frank brochure (photos.myhome.ie/media/2/1/9/263 … ochure.pdf) had it at 0.44 of an acre.

My initial thoughts would be to close the south entrance and make the back of the property into a garden. Then to extend the house to the west, either by building a walkway between the main dwelling and the ‘refurbished’ outbuildings or by building a side extension onto the original house and demolishing some or all of the outbuildings. Would any one have any thoughts on costs/benefits and whether something like that would even get planning permission?

Also wondering about VAT? Would this apply as it is currently used as a commercial space? If so, at what rate would it be payable. Could this be avoided by buying it with the intention to reside in it subject to pp?

Any thoughts or advice from pinsters???