WIW Moyglare Hall, Maynooth, Co Kildare

This one makes me think it’s either not really for sale (‘Honest Mr Bank Man, I’m trying to sell the house but there are no takers’) or else someone will buy it for this kind of price and it’s time to re-emigrate.

a) It’s not very easy to get to. As the crow flies it should be a handy walk to the village but you’ve to go ‘round the houses’, so to speak.
b) The builder was selling these houses for 360k earlier this year
c) House three doors down is on the register as selling for 363k last month
d) There’s a new phase of these houses to come and a new development of 21 houses in Castlepark coming in the autumn

I see the agent is in Terenure. Maybe he thinks that’s where the house is?

The estate was built by two developers. One section had issues with pyrite that were remedied before sale.

The estate is incomplete.

Down around 10% from €485k to €439k.

Still makes no sense. They were advertised at 360k at the beginning of the year.