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Three houses beside each other, in similar states, for sale close to where I live. Would have been 500k+ 5 years ago. Very close to shops, pubs, Luas, bus, James’, etc. Downside is they all have north facing gardens. They all also back onto the luas line and small park, which could be good or bad (not overlooked, but possibility of some anti social behaviour).

Have noticed a few disparaging remarks about Rialto since I signed up to the pin. This enclave (NIR, Uppercross Rd, Portmahon Dr) is secluded behind Rialto village - no through road, and generally very quiet and settled.

What do you think?

would go for the semi detached house; it’s quite close to dolphin barn flats and portmahon house was/is derelict on this road

Don’t know that specific street very well, but a friend of mine rented an apt in Mount Brown last year - it was broken into twice in 6 months… This area wouldn’t be for me…

This is a very posh website would you believe. Your Rialto will be talked out of the shop

Were they 500k plus? I’m not sure about that.Either way, what prices were 5 years ago is irrelevant and I don’t know why people keep quoting what prices were.
I know the area very well. I wouldn’t buy in Rialto. I would in Kilmainham. You’re very close to Dolphin House there and if you look just across off Herberton there are some fine houses boarded up and derelict all because of their proximity to the flats.
I agree that the road itself is quiet but I wouldn’t buy there.

I lived in Rialto for a long time. The New Ireland road area is very secluded and as far as I am aware is not prone to valndalism. I would have no hesitation in buying a house in that area.

Agree, I know the area and there’s no way that these were asking 500k, maybe at a push 400k.

Quite sure that I know one that went for closer to 500k, and a refurb too. I bought a similar house to these (but with a bigger sw facing garden) around that price bracket a year ago, and I couldn’t be happier. Never had a peep from Dolphin House, and I walk or cycle down behind it along the canal. There are a few rough spots around but they seem to be very localised. I’ve never felt threatened, except once on Basin St, but I do cycle a lot, which may skew my perception.

Looked at one in 08. Asking 480.


Two of these now sale agreed


I know people think its obnoxious when lowball comments are posted in wiw, but I think 150 to 200 for a decent house is Dublin is appropriate. It isn’t Manhattan. The average salary is not 120k.

#119 sold for €219k on 18-10-13

Interesting… was not on the open market.