WIW - Newcastle Co. Dublin, do you think it's a good deal?

Guys, could you take a look? Do you think it’s a good deal? I’m interested in this property, it’s a three floor terraced house and neighbours are apartments(I guess it would be 1st,2nd floor for one home and 3rd floor for another home). So 4 neighbours in total.


As a family home? Do you see yourself there in 15 years time? Does management fees include the upkeep of the outside of the house? Have you a back garden?

Personally, in my humble dozy opinion, it’d be raining heavy pigs before I consider it.

Thanks DozyHound, yes, I’m looking for a family home, there’s a back garden but no front garden. I’m not too sure if the management fees include the upkeep of the outside of the house, I need to check it with the EA.

There is no work in Newcastle West nor will there be ( bar building a gas terminal next year) which means it will most likely be worth €99k at most in a few years. A bank would wedge a first time buyer with perhaps a €40-45k income and some savings to buy this this. How many of these are there in West Limerick nowadays ??

How many will there be in 3 or 4 years time??

DAFT numbers:

Limerick City - 365 properties for sale (230 houses)
Newcastle West - 339 properties for sale (274 houses)

Run away. FAST!

The link is for a house in Newcastle, West Co. Dublin not Newcastle West, Co. Limerick.

Its good to see that these “whats it worth” threads attract such robust examination.


You get what you pay for!

Jasus thats a bit hard on 2pack. Actually I misread it and thought it asked if Newcastle West per se was a good idea ! Definitely not . A rotten idea I thought. :mrgreen:
And as for Abbeyfeale… jasus no

Guys, I’m confused, this property is not in limerick, can you reevaluate it?


I have had more than more one scoot around the various developments in Newcastle. if you are in your 20’s unattached and not intending to bed down there wih a family fine…see if you can knock down the price a bit further. If as another reply suggested you will be there in 15 years time in changed circumstances…then seriously forget it. If you are genuinely in the market with the capacity to buy…you can pretty much take your time…and cherry pick to find something to meet your needs… at a price you can afford

I used to rent in a similiar set up, I rented the 4 bed end terrace.

It wasn’t a bad set up, it was a huge and spacious house - but…

No front garden - a disaster because the living room was at the front of the house, there was some shrubbery outside that the kids loved hiding in - it was very exposed and people walking by and chatting felt like they were in the room. I did consider buying there before I rented, had I bought I’d have slit my throat - renting you can move.

The back gardens had accoustics that the Point would be proud of, if a dog was barking at night, not only could you not sleep, but you couldn’t find the fkr to knock on the door because the layout of the gardens was each backing on to another which backed on to another!

I would seriously consider renting the property before buying it - to weigh up the those kind of issues. Short term they are fine, but long term with a young family - no, just my opinion.

Is there a particular reason your looking in this location?

Quite nice, big houses, build quality is decent enough and the spec seems quite good, not sure what’s going on with those ridiculous headboards though. Value wise, I think these are actually pretty ok too, maybe a little overpriced, but certainly not grossly so.

4x a €40,000 salary = €160,000, add a €20,000 deposit and you get a fair value of €180,000.

If I was working within 30 minutes of the area, I would definitely be keeeping an eye on this. We’re definitely getting close to fair value at this stage. The only question now is just how far will we undershoot fair value!

So it is not in Newcastle West then :smiley:

If you can see yourself there in 6 years time with inevitably older sprogs…and given my income caveats…then it is not an utterly loony idea.

4 beds are also for sale


Drive around late at night ( 10pm) and see if there are any lights on anywhere first :smiley:

Thanks everyone, just wondering if Newcastle Co. Dublin is a rough place? Will this place similar to Adamstown?

I’d be sceptical based onthe photos!
The bedroom in the pick is the same photo as is used in some other house types for sale in the development.
This to me would suggest that these are not finished… and possibly could be somthing of a building site. Worth checking it out anyway.

You’re absolutely correct magoko101, this property actually is selling from plan, nothing has been done inside, do you think it’s risky to buy the house from plan?

This is a wind-up yes ?

In principle I have nothing against that development, was looking at it myself. The dogs barking and the layout thing of the back gardens is a small issue, you get that everywhere, some people can’t sleep with dogs barking, so don’t buy in an estate, live somewhere else or get ear plugs. The layout of the backgardens is a bit wierd alright, they look like allotments. Sound travels and ricochets so if the dog was up the road it could still be doing your head in equally in a traditional back to back garden estate.

My only concern would be buying anything off plan now. The developer is a fairly big one, Maplewood dont know how they are doing. I would demand a huge discount just for taking the risk. Also the J house is over three floors, the kitchen is tiny and if you have kids there is not enough living space, plenty of bedroom space. You will end up getting pretty fit going up and down all the time. And you may end up using one of the bedrooms as a play room or spare tv room. I have seen that alot in three story houses. Go for the four bed and pitch what you would have paid for the J style, the living area is not much bigger but it is better than the J style.

Good luck