WIW Parklands Maynooth (x3)

Three houses in this estate in Maynooth:

Any thoughts?

Cheapest, No.36 wins. For 50K (comparing to 320K) you could do it up to a fantastic standard whereas the 320K still needs work.

Think it needs another 40K off it though. 229K at most.

Thanks ixus, the one for 279k (no. 48) has an extension but north-facing garden so it’s odd that it would be asking more than no. 36. They all have optimistic asking prices imho.

Agree with you about the one for 320k. It also has an entirely shaded garden. Think of all the other things potential buyers could do with 320k these days and it’s hard to imagine many takers. (Partly because not that many have or can get 320k in the first place)

Interesting thread here from 2009 on boards.ie where a seller says they have been offered 280k for a house in Parklands and their agent advised them to take it. That was 2009!

Not sure how that story ended as the poster didn’t update the thread but maybe the database will tell us in a few weeks…