WIW Peacefield, Cruagh Road, Rathfarnham

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Castle special with one price drop already - house looks in reasonable condition, big site and house well centred so Wiw?

My owns thoughts would be probably 225ish a square ft which gets to a figure of 450k or a bit more? Are out of town houses out of fashion these days as its all about amenities, schools and people are more reluctant to drive due to high fuels costs?

This is a beautiful looking house. You pay a premium for the view. It is not that out of things. I wish I could afford a shot of this. This will go mid 500 I would think

who is the market for a house up here?
I looked at one not too far away from it a few years ago but decided against it.

kids cannot go anywhere on their own - lifts absolutely everywhere (school, friends, sports etc etc).
No footpath to walk out with the dog, teach small kids to cycle etc.

kids would be well into their teens before i’d let them out on that road on a bike.

Fails on the walk-to-get-a-pint-of-milk meter too.

Snowfalls 2/3 last years would maroon you up here.

i know. i cycle up there regularly. But it is not a safe road to cycle on or walk on.

where is the school bus caught from?

The coillte walks within walking distance (hell fire/masseys) would not be safe to walk to with kids or even a dog really.

This part of the market was probably always a bit volatile. Personally I think there has been a trend away from one-off housing as people do place more value on cycling, walking places and having to drop kids everywhere is a pain. I wonder will it switch back in the future though. If so these type of houses may end up being the contrarian value play at some future point.

However I suspect their is a bias to self employed people who are more dependent on domestic economy for these type of pads. Your well paid public or private sector workers wants more traditional scd areas. Therefore I think they will continue to underperform the broader market

Looks like a castle special alright in so far as it looks like it did not sell, at least I can’t find it on the register…

I’m curious. What do people mean by a “castle special”? I ask because I’ve enquired on castle houses before and end up wondering if they are actually for sale…

In my experience castle properties and adverts tend to have the following characteristics:

  • disproportionate number of not really for sale, there’s a story

  • often only one photo of property

  • they often drop the price quickly after putting property on the market

Having said that I was outbid on a castle house a few years back and house sold quickly afterwards

I think i’ve enquired on a few of these before. Why would a house be advertised but not for sale?

Happens all the time in my experience for a variety of reasons including:

  • unrealistic vendor!
  • vendor not sure about going through with it or might be dependent on them finding a property they want to buy
  • more than one person making the decison, especially if there are a number of kids in the case of an executor sale
  • breakups, one party might not want to sell
  • people testing the market
  • advertised because the bank is putting pressure on someone to sell but they don’t want to

Basically not a motivated seller

I think all EAs get their fare share of these but in my experience Castle seem to get a little more

Having to fork out for a BER might deter some of these speculative listings in future.

Sale agreed

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Edited to add

Given the bump in the market this probably went for a bit more than my 450k estimate of 17 months ago

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Assume it did not sell

Back on at 695… Switched from castle to lisney. Pictures are better this time round but hardly worth another 150k or so

Sale agreed again!

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Assume this is it at 615