WIW Prince Patrick, Knocknacree Road, Dalkey

Spotted this got a small write up in the property section of the times today - mentioned that it hadn’t been lived in for the last 15 years.

Now heading back to what it was worth 15 years ago 8DD

Perhaps the owner was trying to assemble a development site. He might have hoped to buy neighbouring properties.

The problem now is that none of these “problem children” are selling. The only way is down. I think we will see and end to the property drift…

Anybody venture to the Saturday viewing?

While I agree the only way is down, things are still moving - e.g. in Dun Laoghaire a house sold in Royal Tce for around 1.1/1.2m [anecdotal] very recently which is a strong price in the current climate and I understand there are bidders active on the house in Clarinda Park. Some people are still bidding out there, and going through with the sales.

I wish we’d get more auctions tbh - it would give us a far better idea of the true sq ft value in the market. While the only way is down, there’s very little in the way of supply at the same time. To really get things going, you’d need a lot more coming onto the market than we have now.

Went for €980k this afternoon.
Add €500k to refurbish and get half of this back by selling the cottage.

So ~€1.2M buys you a 4000sq/ft completely refurbished period house, with sea views, on a large site within walking distance of Dalkey.

Is this not a new benchmark for the area?

Back on the Morket

irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 17042.html

This house should be flattened. Very sad to see something like this go to ruin. People who own property like this should look after it better.

So, all you property anoraks - predict the selling price? Will it match last year’s price - lower - higher?

Give reasons for your answer :laughing:

i think it will fetch 900k. Some idiot will pay that for it. The location is still good and isnt location the main reason for purchasing ? If i was to part with my hard earned dough i’d offer no more that 575k for it.

Strange one though. Why would you spend €1m at auction and then say meh, I prefer town?

I’d say 900 again but there must be some serious issue for it to reappear so soon.

have you seen it ? Obviously not … its a total wreck of a place.

That someone paid 980k for 12 months ago…

i’ll be camping outside to be the first one through the gate …

Herein lies the reason for the present owner wanting to sell the place only a year after they bought it. They have to walk away because they clearly can’t afford to renovate/rebuild. As the above posts illustrate it’s next to impossible to estimate the rebuild/restoration cost on a badly decaying period house like this, but people are far too eager to assume that it will come in under a certain price - especially if they have fallen in love with the whole period thing.

I went to see this place with my architect when it was on view last year and he told me that the renovation could be “think of a number stuff”: in other words, there was just no way of knowing how much it would cost or how long it would take. After surveying the condition, his view was that it would cost *at least *600k to rectify all of the problems and finish the place to the kind of standard you’d expect to find in an excellent restoration, but could end up costing as much as twice that. These houses have a nasty habit of harbouring big problems that just can’t be found in a normal structural survey.

Now for the fun part:

Less than the AMV of €875k. The fact that it’s back on the market should be a loud enough alarm bell for even the most ardent period fetishist.

it could be a fantastic house … however … i’m wondering about the current vendor … walking away because they want to stay in town will cost them a fortune. Must be a cash sale. The bank will not allow then to sell it without recouping much of the outlay. It could sit there for years.

off to buy Lotto ticket

curious indeed… per the dlr website they applied for planning permission in March - to renovate and extend the house and demolish and rebuild the bungalow. Council “request additional information” in May. Strange not to see that process through and then try to sell it with planning permission at least?

On view this Saturday:

Anyone know if this sold at auction on October 12th.

It’s now marked Sale Agreed.