WIW Rathmines

There are a few higher end properties for sale in Ranelagh. While I know Ranelagh is different they still seam a good bit over priced.

Anyone care to put a more appropriate value on these?

Lugnaquilla, 26 Cowper Road, Dublin 6, Rathmines, Dublin 6
2,500,000 / 325sqm (3500sqf) = 7,692/sqm (714/sqf)

39 Palmerston Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6
2,250,000 / 275sqm (2960sqf) = 8,181/sqm (760/sqf)

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1579654
Nadur, 7 Palmerston Park, Rathmines, Dublin 6
2,450,000 / 325sqm (3500sqf) = 7,538/sqm (700/sqf)

None of those are in Ranelagh TI. Firmly Rathmines on each count.

House 3 is magnificent and quite clearly the pick of the bunch in my opinion. But I have no idea how to value a house this far up the aul, you know, ladder.

This is a cheap trophy property.

Renovation costs in today’s market would be in the region of 1000k-1200k


What were you thinking of doing to it?

Replacing the front garden with real grass so that the servants don’t have to stare at the grille of the Range Rover is about the only thing I can see worth doing. I presume the mews and rear access are still there so you don’t have to park the motor in the front. :smiley:

Haha, that was my comment I edited above! But I then realised LL must have meant that was the cost of the renovation that’s already been done on it.

Right, LL?.. :open_mouth:

Ed: I should say I originally asked if he wanted to turn it into 18 bedsits.

You got it;)

Did you win the lotto TI :wink: ? I was looking at these the other night when I was *convinced *I was going to win euromillions (I was wrong :laughing: ). Thought everything over 1.7mil in D6 was a teensy tiny bit … blingy, for my liking, rather than a nice restoration.

There are some ‘trophy’ houses that are nice. Tastefully done in a modest, low-key way. They combine beauty and quality with the stamp of the owner’s individuality and the sense of being a home.

Then there are places like this (referring to nadur-7-palmerston-park-rathmines-dublin-6, which screams vulgarity, ill-breeding and soullessness, where clearly every iota of taste and refinement had to be outsourced from interior designers and landscape artists because, sadly, the owners had none of their own. It smacks of an American hotel - possibly in Las Vegas - that has spent hand over fist to recreate an old-world European pastiche. No matter how ‘authentic’ the results, it is always somehow wrong, somehow a vile pastiche of what it strives to be.

To put it another way: I believe this house requires a lot of work (but not necessarily a lot of money) to turn it into a tasteful home. In its present condition I would find it acutely embarrassing to live in and would not bring any of my friends to see it or even tell them I had bought it, regardless of the price.


Fair play for being this witheringly judgemental this early in the morning

The particular style that this house is done up in is not to my personal taste at all, but saying that the owners have ‘no iota of taste or style of their own’ is a bit harsh. I would guess the owners like period houses done up in what they consider appropriate period style. You obviously like something much more discreet and simple. Fair enough; so do I. But its reverse snobbism IMHO to conclude that the type of decor that you like makes you a uniquely elegant and tasteful human being and the type of decor they like makes them embarrassingly bling noveau riche pretenders

Maybe I’m being a *little *bit harsh? Then again…

… your words, not mine…

I was paraphrasing your lovely description of them as ‘vulgar, ill-bred and souless’ people who had created a ‘vile pastiche’ of a house!

Oops quite correct Larry anyone know how to edit the title of the thread?

Nice skewering, spot on.

I actually thought the garden was very nice. Now full of emotions running the spectrum between self-loathing and self-doubt :frowning:

I thought the garden is a bit pastiche/CT.

The other remarks are well over the top IMHO. Colours are a bit red and gold for my liking but I think the photographic processing is partly to blame
I mean kitchens are usually where CT types really lose the run of them selves… not like this

back to the OP, this supposedly sold for 2.5M recently.


so i guess they will all go for somewhere between 2-2.5M if they sell this year.

If I had 2M to drop on a gaff, I’d go for the detached cowper one. The other roads are busy enough and the palmerston park one has a mini bus terminus just outside it. Always a few buses idling there.

I’m surprised that they are still going for over 2m.

How much could you rent one of these for?

Say it’s 5k/m at a rental yield of just 5% that only values it at 1.2m plus a little extra for the garden and location say 100k.

Am I crazy suggesting that these should be about 1.3m?

I think I may be in the wrong company here - anybody who would be “embarrassed” by the Nadur house clearly has both such taste and such wealth that the opinion of plebians like myself could not be entertained. This seems to be a wonderful house in a lovely area for somebody rich enough to buy it and maintain it (which is not myself unfortunately) and is in a different league to the insanely priced naked emperor boxes prevalent at the height of the bubble.
I always get nervous when I hear anything being “condemned” as being for the nouveau riche! As the principle character in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil observed - ‘it’s the riche that counts’
The ancienne riche were not such great shakes that we should get nostalgic in my view.

Did a tyre-kicker’s viewing of 39 Palmerston Road.

Cannot see what appeal it has. Cannot understand why anyone would pay a fraction of the asking price. Am I missing something?