wiw rere 25 northumberland ave dun laoire

any thoughts on this one, tks.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … th/2059129


Nice to see the calibre of estate agents is still lower than a snake’s belly.

I’m pretty sure ‘rere’ works fine when speaking about houses. A little outdated, but still correct I think. However it makes very little sense as the road its on appears to be called Northumberland Place - why not just call it that?

Horrendous pastiche of a Georgian villa, Front door is too small and out of proportion, windows are incorrect for the style. Do i see PVC?

To my mind, ‘Georgian style’ is tacky at the best of times but verges into the truly horrendous when surrounded by genuine Georgian buildings, as is the case here.

By way comparison, check out the following, both nearby:
myhome.ie/residential/brochure/laurelville-tivoli-road-dun-laoghaire-co-dublin/2003739 (now sale agreed)

Considerations of good taste aside, it’s a nice enough road and central. For the size and location, overpriced though imo.

Looks a nice gaff to me. Can’t afford it though. I used to do singing lessons on that street (indoors), seems nice enough. La de daaaaah de daaa :angry: