Wiw - Riversdale House, Butterfield Avenue, Rathfarnham

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1966550

Wow don’t see these for sale around rathfarnham too often.

So whats its clearing price in today’s market?

Around 1m ?

Or is anything around d16 worth that much at the moment?

Is this the Riversdale (House) where W.B. Yeats once lived? Strange the EA wouldn’t mention that.

This site is advertising houses built on the grounds, now all sold
macauc.com/newDevelopments/r … /index.htm

Listing above says house is on 2 acres.

Was for sale in 2003, on “1.1 acres”, for 1.8m

Was for sale in 2006, any idea what the price was then?
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Not the same house, Yeat’s River house was on the owendoher this one is on the Dodder.

this is the Yeats one.


Is this house split up into 2 houses - there are bedrooms and kitchens on each level?

Entrance on street view is a bit miserable for the house - this part of Butterfield is also very busy.

Difficult renovation project to keep the character of the house intact - would need uprated insulation and windows as well as updating kitchen.

I rarely say this but this house is worth the asking price-it’s what you should expect a property with a million euro price tag to look like. The location is only slightly “off-prime” (the end of the back garden is about 20 yards from D6) and the house is surely one that will put downwards pressure on all others in the same price bracket-it’s easily the best value property in the €1M-€1.5M bracket on myhome and makes some of the other asking prices look farcical:

myhome.ie/residential/dublin … ce=1500000

Prices are rising, really rising… :angry:

it is d14, not d16.
the back is 20 yards awway from d6w, not d6.

Looks like another house could be built in the garden and accessed via the cul de sac at the back off the house off templeogue bridge.

A big house up the road, lisheen, sold for 2.2M in 2005 and was subsequently built on.

A reasonable asking imo.

Houses in this area are always expensive, and the Butterfield area is by no means cheap. 43 butterfield avenue is sale agreed, last time I heard the offer was 580 and i’m sure it went on some more from that (I viewed it on the first open viewing they had). I was so surprised at that offer, it’s a glorified 4-bedroom semi-d with very average reception rooms, nicely finished but small garden and totally overlooked (at least 5 houses looking straight into your garden and house) plus it is on a very busy road. In light of this, I would totally value Riversdale at the asking in fact if if you compare both houses you could value Riversdale at 2 mill!

Your right - this is d14 - lisheen fully renovated sold for around 900k in a receiver sale about 3 years ago - albeit on a smaller plot since about 10 houses were built in the original gardens
Looks ok value I suppose but who’s got the cash to buy!

Marley grange sold for a guesstimated 2.3m

Big house in need of costly rebuild but on 16 acres of parkland and fop for 2 other large houses . Not sure asking on this one looks cheap relative to it.

As you get more expensive number of buyers thins out rapidly if not d2/4/6 so interesting to see what this shifts at and how long it takes

Amazing House. Needs work but would be a trophy house when finished.

Anybody else notice the iron bars on all the windows? Paranoid owner or have they had break-ins?

As someone mentioned it is cheap - but not comparatively good value. It looks like 500k would easily disappear in this after you buy it. For the best part of 1.5 - 2m there are better, trophier properties in the likes of Monkstown etc.

Yet more evidence that most “professionals” can get up to the 800k mark but are struggling in the 800 - 1.25 sector. Mid market (€1m) is dead for all but perfect houses.

Don’t think Butterfiled Drive is “revered enough” (from recent SherryFitz brochure for something else) for this to get a really good price but who knows…

Maybe EAs could come up with something similar to BER rating, RER ?? Extremely revered, most revered … agnostic… and start to incorporate in their marketing material

Anyone know the story (if any) on this?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/1966550

To answer my own question, might be value here, I’d imagine you’d get one decent site at least and maintain big site for the main house

planning application to build 10 large detached houses on the site.

sdublincoco.ie/index.aspx?pa … D13A/0139&

don’t see it in the psr so perhaps sale agreed subject to planning approval?

Good spot. I doubt it was sold subject to pp but you never know. I’d say just well disguised entry on ppr

this is listed in the psr as going for 600K, full market price too.

last asking was 1.25M.

doesn’t sound right.

No way it sold for 600k unless there were some very ill considered transfers between offshore accounts

I’d say the the sites were split. I heard there was an offer just over 1m with more bidding likely. Thiscould well turn out to be a good buy if the site get planning permission for a number of houses and the current price levels are maintained

Sad to see another grand house on a decent plot being split.