WIW 'Rockfort', 9 Sandycove point

Just wondering what people thoughts are on this place?

Sold in 2010 for €3.1 Million, number two on the top ten Dublin sales for that year per SoCoDu.

dublinestates.blogspot.ie/2013/0 … -2010.html

Came back on sale a month ago for €3.75 million, this time with planning permission for a new build.

irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … -1.1319439

Assume there has been no interest as in the last few days it has been cut to an asking of €3,195,000

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/2374050

For me the planning ruins it. I prefer the original. Given where it is - 2.5m is easily achieveable for this.

They were right to back down on the 3.75m price.
Over 3m for a half acre is still a stretch at over 6m an acre.
Several sites on the best roads in Dublin struggling to get 4-5m an acre in todays market?
Great views but you are not really surrounded by mega mansions or houses that would sell at equivalent I think.


It looks like an office block in a south Dublin industrial estate.

Now sold for 2.75m

Recently sold for less than 2010 buyout price

29/06/2010 €3,100,000.00 Rockfort, Sandycove Point, Sandycove
26/08/2013 €2,750,000.00 Rockfort, Sandycove Point, Sandycove