WIW - Rowanbyrn, Blackrock

Hi, do you have any ideas about Rowanbyrn estate in Blackrock? I would appreciate any comments.

It’s very popular but I don’t think the houses are great TBH. It commands a strong premium over what I would consider better houses nearby. FWIW for me it would depend if its your final destination or a step on the way as to whether they represent a good proposition.

Thanks for your comments. It seems the houses were built in 70s, so they shouldn’t be old I guess. Is there a particular reason for you thinking the houses there are not great there?

Actually on reflection since you have asked the question (and without the 3 glasses of wine in my system), it is mainly a series of subjective biases that may not be relevant to anyone else. The main one being I have a thing about 70’s era houses in general. For an important decision such as this something a bit better than subjective biases is required so please ignore my earlier contribution :slight_smile:

Very well to do in the old fashioned sense, settled and quiet, a lot of older people and younger wealthy couples. Feels much more like Deansgrange than Blackrock although postcode is Blackrock. Big houses fairly well built, overpriced like everywhere. Not much nearby shop wise in walking distance except Texaco and the shops beyond on Newtownpark Ave, quite a trek if you’re at the far end, although I suppose the ‘Bugnalow’ is an option.


Thanks again for your comments. As it seems you know the area, I also wanted to ask for your comments regarding Rockville estate (which is just behind Rowanbyrn). It is a bit closer to the Blackrock village, and there is a nice green in the middle, which is another positive. What do you think?


Was in the Bugnalow for the first time a few days ago, and it’s as bizarre on the inside as it is on the outside. And it could be a little goldmine, opposite the cemetery.

olric82, although I’m regularly in Rowanbyrn and surrounding areas I have nearly zero knowledge of Rockville so I can’t really comment.