WIW - Schull Village, Schull, Co. Cork

Here’s a change from Dublin WIWs.

A nice house in perfect condition although it’s in a rather suburban setting that may not match everyone’s idea of a West Cork idyll. The view is great but the best of it could easliy be blocked should the neighbour extend or just let the hedge grow.

What do you think?

Ah jaysus don’t be tempting me. I’ve often suggested to herself that we buy a holiday/weekend home in west cork and just rent in Dublin. I could get two days telecommuting if I pushed for it, and I could hotdesk from the Cork office when necessary.

It’s sunny outside the window, and I could be working from West Cork right now. Probably going to annoy herself about this again now.

As for putting a price on it? Haven’t a clue. While it may be near Schull with a sea view, it’s not exactly water frontage. That discounts it from holiday home territory for the sailors that own around the town, and in places like Crookhaven (have a look, Crookhaven is different).

Stunning views of the area. Some internal house pics would be nice!

At €145 per sq ft it’s getting there.

Not sure of there being much demand in Schull though, except for locals.

A bit expensive to be a holiday home.

Weird that there are no internal photos. If you look around it is definitely one of the better priced holiday homes in the area. Schull is very sticky for holiday homes still.
Exhibit A


At €145 per sq ft pretty good. Plus I’d be assuming 10-20% off.

Long commute though jammybastard!

I know. There’s one or two here that do the mad commute from Cork, but not from West Cork. You’d be looking at 1hr 45 on average to Dunkettle before even hitting the motorway. I’d have 12 penalty points within 6 months I’d say :slight_smile:

Bloke I know does that from a London job. He got a perfectly good 2meg up and 8 meg down low latency broadband from this lot quite some time back and they email him if they plan on any work that could disrupt the signal and he avoids travelling then. He tends to do 10 day stretches in London and/or Schull area with his job and his job is quieter in summer…the lucky bastard. :slight_smile:

if only they had not ripped up the west cork railway I’d have seriously though about it myself… Can get a lot of work done on the train these days with wifi etc.

There is no way to offload wifi data in West Cork…too hilly for 3g to ever work. Dream on…never mind the lack of shaggin trains :smiley:

thinking of having a look at this next week.

anyone got any idea what its worth?

would be very interested at 180k but would be surprised if they let it go for less than 230k.

any thoughts?

Offer what you think it is worth not what some auctioneer plucks out of their arses.

I would think you are right in your assumptions.

But a cheeky offer made now… may seem like sense in 6 months.