WIW - Shipool Lodge, Inishannon

What do you all reckon


LJS (Not to confused with a squeeky boy band please)

Featured in Examiner 2 weeks ago

is it just me or does it look like there sin’t a decent sized room in that whole place bar the huge bedroom ?
Also, what’s the point in pictures of statues, wont the vendor be taking the furniture ?
In fairness the revolving book shelf could be fun as a revolving drinks ( or car keys :wink: ) dispenser

What has your one’s mother to do with this? Of is that where the sylvanians live?

The word is silvan or more pretentiously sylvan. Or woody. Or forrested. Or just with a few trees.

Wasn’t that a song by Dr Hook Sylvain Mother said. :-GC

Its close to Kinsale as you near Kinsale your pretensionometer heads skywards, that and the age old Cork question
“are you married or do you live in Kinsale”
Might explain the naked ladies and effect the price :stuck_out_tongue:

€1.8m is what the EA expects to sell it for.

How would you go about putting a value on a house like that

boreal, bosky… :-GC

Compare and contrast € 1.2m outside CLon

sherryfitz.ie/resi/buy/6-bed … &ST=1&pc=1

Muisha round it up to the € 2m again near Clon


Now asking 1.25m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … rk/1950920