WIW Site At Tower Road, Hand Park, Rush, Co. Dublin

Hello all,
First time posting here - so go easy on me.
Presuming I am looking to live in Rush,
extremely keen on a seafront property,
delighted to build from scratch,
happy to live in a long narrow house with two sets of stairs separating the master bedroom from the kids rooms…

Are there other issues I should consider before I take a look at this site?
Obviously the demolition and clearing of the site is a large cost factor - I have no idea how large.
Those plans with the 1-storey section seem quite specific. I wonder are the 2 storey sections on the footprint of the existing structures?

All thoughts welcome. I may be wasting my time even thinking about what looks like a ‘complicated’ and incredible narrow property.

daft.ie/sales/site-at-tower- … urce=email

Upon further research it appears that planning permission hasn’t actually been granted yet.
Some water/sewer issues need to be cleared up first.

I looked at that site last year, in about July 2013. Interestingly it says it was first listed in Feb 2014 so someone is telling porkies!!! Beware, if it has been on the market that long with no takers. My impression of it is, it’s an absolute joke of a site. The drawings give a false impression as to how wide it is. It is miniscule in the width and the drawing that go with it show a huge amount of pile driving for the foundation supports ( in order to be lower that the drains). The council contribution would be in excess of €20K also and that is before you lay a brick. I did hear that there were objections from the next door neighbour regarding planning but did not confirm… In my opinion you would be nuts to consider it but thats just my 2 c

Thanks for that. Google streetview shows the real width - frightening.
I’ll stop thinking about that one right now.

Did you end up buying a site/house in Rush?
This site is in a beautiful location, but pricy and probably has its own set of issues.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/108363