WIW Site in Clonskeagh with Church

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/3480968

We viewed it for the craic as we were walking past and the EA had the sign out. Had a good laugh at the office here.

Got me wondering what you experts here would do with the place and how much you’d pay.

I’ll start:

  • Church needs to be knocked, one could possibly keep the main hall (loft bedrooms) and build a 2 story extension to have some liveable space
  • probably better than someone’s garden as a site, but small and very narrow, will maybe go for ~250-275k (expensive area, few doors down went for ~800k, single glazed 1940’s windows and all)
  • clearing the site maybe 10k? no idea really
  • I’d put a 120 m² Utklippan, passive on it for around 200k

knock yourselves out 8DD

not the type of church i was expecting. looks like an esb transformer station.

not for me but hopefully somebody gets it cheap, does something really creative and interesting and has a long happy life there

As long as it’s not DOB

I think this could be an amazing buy. €300k for the site and stick €500k into the build? You could possibly try go to 3 stories with a flat roof as the houses along that road are relatively tall (high pitched attics).

You could do something like Odos designed on Alma Road Monkstown or you could possibly try for some sort of Miami 3 level minimalist thingy with a single lane pool running the length of the basement partially under a glass floored entrance hall & porch. 8DD

Regardless, it’s a unique site so as you say, hopefully someone does something creative on it.


Genuinely just laughed out loud at that.

How much did this site sell for ??

Wasn’t at the auction, guess you’d have to wait for the PPR.