WIW Site Sallins Co. Kildare

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I’m thinking half the guide price (out of my arse figure) based on the fact that it’s zoned residential.

The problem is that even if you get it for 1/2 asking price, you still have to get PP, & that will cost a few grand, then you’ve got to pay the Development charges, which will be €20k on an average house in Kildare, all plus VAT of course.

And all of this before you get the site cleared & start the business of building a house…

#2 Sallins Wood sold for €300k last month, #10 for €364k in December - both appear to have been 4 bed bungalows.

Dare I say it, this appears to be somewhat approaching value based on the previous sales around the estate?

Development contribution appears to be €13,000 for a house up to 185sqm.

Fishfoodie, are you sure you pay VAT on the development contribution? I can’t find any mention of it anywhere.

As far I was aware VAT is not added to development contributions.