WIW Skerries


Re the above, my wife and I are very interested in this a family home only. Love the idea of re-developing it to our needs etc.
Fingal Co.Co state that it is zoned as TC - town centre and they’d have no problem with it been re-developed as completely residential - subject to T & C’s etc.

I understand the property is in the hands of one of NAMA’s receivers -
States on daft “On the instructions of Frank Nowlan of WK Nowlan & Assoc, Receiver” - googled the solicitors and there’s info about them been appointed by Nama etc etc.

So, this property/site is massive in size, and the price of it is very low, for Skerries especially -

We have viewed it and I intend on ringing the E.A this am with the intention of putting in an offer - would love not to pay more than 150k (but realistically this should go for a hell of a lot more)
I have no idea what to say or how to phrase things like this - all advice much appreciated!!

I think you’re mad.

If I had 280 to 300k handy id snap that up,but if you dont stay away from it. As it stands it is a solid structure needing planning alterations,site clearance and fit-out.

Just to add if you took on a 50/50 partner you could reduce the risk and build 2 fine town houses using the attic space and extending the rear.