WIW st Anne's kimmage

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 12/2564296

Any thoughts on what this one will go for? Seems to be bigger in size than other houses in the kimmage area. ( myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/2626392) No side entrance bit of a turn off, don’t know much about the specific estate, but I’d wager the house is circa 45k overpriced? Interested in viewing it all the same. Had been looking to buy in 2011, held off, having another look now.

It does’nt have the feel of a 1,200 sq ft house. Pics seem very stretched. Don’t know how they fit 4 bedrooms into these houses.
I know the estate and general area and would have no worries buying there.

But to me it’s overpriced…I would’nt pay over 300k for that, probably not even 270k

St Anne’s is a nice little estate - mainly 2bed houses, there are a few four beds, but they are a small house the four beds are a squeeze

I’d say its 50/50 rented to owner occupied - and in fairness the rented houses are all well kept.

Glad to hear positive feedback on the estate. I know the general area well enough and like it, but not the specific estate. Never even realised it existed. Currently renting 2 miles away in Rathgar, looking to buy first family home. Spent ages looking in 2011 and I reckon we are in for the long haul again.

Houses in our price range seem to be a smidgen bigger in size 2 years on. Example of what we where looking at previously is

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 6w/1432073

Bid of €315k in on this, claims the agent.

The difference between an 80 square meter and a 112 square meter house is huge. A third more space is a lot more living. (Is that super obvious?)

Agree with Freefallin’ would measure up, the pics feel smaller than 112sq metres. I live in a 100 sq metre house so I know what that feels like.

The layout of the downstairs floor is not ideal - long thin rooms feel odd.

My tupence worth…just sayin’

Appreciate the thoughts.

Having now viewed it, it’s going need a lot of work. Previously occupiers were renters and you can tell. Manky (tiny) bathroom, walls in bits, damp in some corners. Those high gloss photos make it look a lot nicer than the state it’s in now, which is pretty drab.

That being said the 4 bedrooms are a decent size & if you were to knock out the wall between the kitchen and the side room leading out to the back garden you would have a much nicer house. God knows how much that would cost though.

For the amount of money being sought I’d want it in much better condition. Probably would suit an investor who’ll continue to rent it out, after a lick of paint, rather than a FTB with limited cash to do it up. Agent claims the owner is in no rush to sell and will hold out for the asking. Doubt I’ll be proceeding myself. Shame as it seems to be a tidy little estate.

gone sale agreed for higher than the asking…