WIW St Johns Cottages, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -8/2652226

Was on at 139k less than a week ago…now on at 195k! Madness!

Sleepy Hollow garden

The agent seems to be a one man property bubble - 4 price increases in a week.

Want! Brings out my inner troglodyte.

Not sure about that extension plan though. Leave our cottages alone!

Agents MO is to keep advertised prices at current bid, seems to start with a realistic sale price, delay about two weeks until there’s a herd of viewers to walk through the place in half an hour. They’re happy to start with a low ball offer which they’ll update the adds to, this flushes out any interest from the first viewing and a second herd. They seem to move stock to sale agreed in a few weeks. Definitely some distressed sales, couldn’t say for certain about this one. It’s a different style to the high street multiples for sure.

Much of Kilmainham near the camac has previously flooded.

I am pretty sure this place was fine, I live round the corner and down the hill we were badly effected.
I think its seriously overpriced at 195k